Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Faerie's Revenge (Creepy Hollow #5)~ Review Tour & Giveaway

Welcome to the blog tour for Rachel Morgan's A FAERIE'S REVENGE,
the fifth book in her Creepy Hollow series!


Title: A Faerie's Revenge

Author: Rachel Morgan

Series: Creepy Hollow (Book #5)

Published: October 27, 2015

Format: Ebook & Paperback

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Blurb: Still reeling from a shocking revelation, Calla Larkenwood finds the threads of her world unraveling further when she's accused of a horrifying crime she didn't commit. In a world where everyone keeps secrets and someone is intent on framing her, how will she figure out who to trust?


If you've made it this far then you might find yourselves filled with a lot of reader's angst after the epic plot twist in A Faerie's Secret.  I was extremely apprehensive  whilst waiting on this release and  wondering if it were even possible to follow up something so emotionally and mentally stunning with a story to do it justice.  It went above and beyond to surpass all expectations and hopes. I enjoyed it so much that I read it twice in a day!

In this spin off of the original Creepy Hollow series, everything we once took at face value is challanged. And while these inventive ideas push us to explore different territory of the fae realm, it does so without altering our already ingrained ideas of Creepy Hollow.  It instead expands into an entirely new adventure,  presenting new perspectives from characters in the background of the original series. The smooth flowing prose and dynamics of it are flawless!

Calla is probably the strongest heroine I've read about and it has little to do with a snarky attitude or physical strength. For Calla to always maintain control of her special ability and keep it a secret, she must be vigilant mentally and emotionally at all times. Not being able to control it can have deadly consequences and her traumatic past has proven it. She's not your every day, run of the mill guardian. She second guesses everything. She needs to know that before she takes action that it is deserved or necessary. Her empathy makes her the perfect mate for someone like Chase.

Chase will steal your heart and confuse everything you thought you knew about right and wrong. Your heart will break for him time and again.

I adore how realistically situations were handled between Chase and Calla. And how emotions weren't rushed to try to squeeze in a 'Happily Ever After'.

It is inventive, fast paced, and enthralling.  It never lacks action, and it never becomes confusing with overloaded scenes. It touches base with real world dilemmas we often face as a society and throws us into the hearts of the villians. I've seen this strategy before, but until now I had not seen it perfected!

A Faerie's Revenge is hands down the must read novel of 2015! The Creepy Hollow series has officially secured its spot as the most addictive books I've ever read. This is literally the best story I've read all year and one of the best Fantasy Romance stories of all time.



Rachel Morgan is a South African author who spent a large portion of her childhood living in a fantasy land of her own making. After completing a degree in genetics, she decided science wasn’t for her—after all, they didn’t approve of made-up facts. These days she spends much of her time immersed in fantasy land once more, writing fiction for young adults and those young at heart. She is the author of the bestselling Creepy Hollow series, and the lighthearted contemporary romance Trouble series. You can find her online at the following places:

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  1. I haven't read this series yet but just got the first book. I cannot wait to read it. I am looking forward to the entire series.

  2. It is honestly my FAVORITE series! Happy reading! Let me know what you think!

  3. It is honestly my FAVORITE series! Happy reading! Let me know what you think!