Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ehriad (#1.5 Otherworld)


      The Otherworld series left high expecations for the Ehriad Novella. I'm thrilled to say Ehriad exceeds expectations. Though Faelorhen had already felt complete within itself, this novella ventured further into the realm of the Otherworld, and into Cade's beautiful vulnerablities.

      The exterior of the male protagonist may define Ehriad, but his interior screams gallant warrior. Through this story the mysteries behind his cryptic behavior are revealed and a compassionate, self-sacraficing man lies beneath the surface. No matter how pyhysically strong the warrior, the strongest muscle in the body will always be the heart. Cade is all heart. His weaknesses are most endearing and he will always make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of love.
     Ehriad's flawless collaboration with Faelorehn creates an atmosphere that is both awe inspiring and intoxicating. Through this author's imagination we are able to bind these emotional experiences to ourselves and claim a piece of that heart as our own. Every word of this story has a heart beat. I am truly grateful to the author for giving the breath of life to a world I can venture time and time again. Every time I read a new book in this series I am left sinfully obessessing for more.

Ehriad was the last nail in my coffin claiming me as a forever fan of the Otherworld.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Faelorehn (#1 Otherworld)

   Faelorehn is a MUST-READ for all of you paranormal romance fans!

If you're looking for an intoxicating read filled with romance, adventure, mystery, and uniqueness the Otherworld is the place for you. Faelorehn was the catalyst to my obsessive, compulsive addiction for the paranormal, romance genre. It is the first book of an exhilarating trilogy that I delight to read time and time again. An amazing prose where the characters come to life and the places are forever embedded into the memory as the realm to constantly wish to revisit. Even though each book in the trilogy, the novellas as well, is so much more amazing that the one before it, it is a must read as it is the base for a beautifully written tale.  Prepare yourselves for ghastly creatures, magic, otherworldly abilities and the beginning of beautiful chaos.

     Author Jenna Elizabeth Johnson invented twist after twist using her Celtic Mythology studies and combining it with an imagination that is not lacking in love , relatability,and astonishment. Writing in itself is hard enough but to bring characters to life that readers feel they know as their own close, personal friends or walk in their shoes takes an enormous amount of talent.

   It really is astonishing that she was able to use mythological beings from Celtic history and create characters with animated and boisterous personalities that force you to love or hate them. 

    The details in the imagery will have you picturing either a swampland in California or a more exotic location such as the beautiful Scotland. The descriptions are excplicitly, vivid. Mad Kudos to the author and thank you for my new home. 

     By human standards Meghan Elam fits the description of the ultimate misfit. With undiagnosed characteristics, unusual abilities, and a haunting past she is a person with a tender demeanor and pure heart that I couldn't help by admire. 

     Cade is a mysterious,  bounty hunter from the Otherworld who protects humans from creatures that will haunt their nightmares forever. He is also known as Ehriad: Unwanted, with ties to no one. He is the keeper of the keys to Meghan's identity. 

      The chemistry between Meghan and Cade is absolutely intoxicating. Though intially weary of  the unexplained attraction, denying the growing intensity surrounding their thoughts becomes too overwhelming for either to continue to deceive themselves. Their interaction between the two is sparse as both are misfits of their own realm and neither understand how to cope as unexpected insecurities arise. It is, however, better to have the love and support of a few than than the misconception of acception from many. Thankfully, they both have those few to infuse their personalities with the sweet, thoughtful qualities some themselves can never harness. The havoc of the Otherworld and unbelievable secrets regarding their heritage threatens to separate them. Courage and sacrificing self-depreciation is what will bind them. 

     The creatures battled in both the human and Otherworld realms are monstorous. The details are descriptive enough to get a perfect mental picture. It's honestly pretty gruesome. Unless one is an immortal Faelorehn they are invisible to the human eye due to their glamour (magical concealment). Bittersweet inventions that add to the unique quality of the story. 

      Though the Otherworld includes several mythological intentites, only one Godess is revealed in the first story. The  Morrigan, the Godess of war and utter chaos. Deceiving and spiteful in her ways, trouble is around every corner. Overcoming the most powerful Godess of the  Otherworld creates quite the exciting atmosphere for an expectant reader. 

     Keep in mind the primary targets for this particular series are young adults. There is teenage angst and qualities that may at first seem mundane, but the readers who dive head first into the Otherworld are pleasantly suprised to find the details to be meticulously placed clues for the grand finale. There is a well balanced flow between complex writing and the teenage perspective making it enjoyable for audiences of every age group. Adults between the ages of 21-45 have shamelessly admitted to reading the trilogy several times. 

FYI: The romance level between the male and female protagonists, Meghan and Cade, is maintained at a G level. Parents can rest easy knowing that their children aren't being exposed to erotic, adult material. 

        To learn more about the chart climbing series you'll have to read it for yourselves ;).

Faelorehn currently has an overall rating of 4 stars on Amazon. Let's help raise it to five by leaving a review of your own! 

I would like to take a moment express my frustrations of the reviews left by people who sounded like they were thumbing there way through a magazine. If you skipped more pages than you read, or did not find the time to actually complete the book that hardly qaulifies you to leave a justifiable review. 

(For those of you who feel Cade's role was a bit vague in Faelorehn be sure to check out Ehriad, the accompanying novella. It does not disappoint.)