Monday, July 28, 2014

Recognized Expert Status: Exponential Marketing


Add a tool to your marketing that can leverage your efforts to exponential heights. This book introduces Recognized Expert Status, and the benefits it can bring you. 

Inside you’ll learn about: 

* Expert Proof Materials and why you need them 
* Why you need an effective public relations plan 
* The 5 main RecEx Principles 
* The 7 action items for kickstarting your RecEx Status 
* And more!

I have to admit I was skeptical to read and review this particular book. My blog's focus is on amazing books I have read, which mainly fall under the paranormal/fictional genre. My focus is on an audience of authors and avid readers. Within the first three pages I knew without a doubt this book was perfect for me to review. The prose is persuasive and straightforward. It is written gracefully. The target audience can be anyone. It can be a few friends I have who are in the infant stages of their businesses. It could be for Independent Authors who aspire to make writing a full-time career. It can be for bloggers, bakers, computer-techs; people who want to move up in their careers and in their lives. The inspiring tactics the author, Scott Gardner, presents are feasible and resourceful. Infuse these techniques with ambition and a person stands a fighting chance of prospering. Learn the techniques to be the first person someone thinks of pertaining to a particular industry or niche. Discover useful tools for success and how to take action. You can buy this book for a cheap price, but the information within it is of great value. I recommend this enjoyable read to anyone with a conquest. 

RATING: 5 Stars


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dead Radiance (A Valkyrie Novel Book #1)

        Bryn Halbrook is an endearing protagonist in her atypical ability to see upcoming demise, and in her easily empathized loneliness. From the beginning, she displays a tender hearted demeanor with noble character, and a robust undercurrent. The tragedies of her life create a character who is an over-achiever when it comes to keeping people at  bay. Having more in common with the newcomer to her foster home and school, Aiden Lee, than she is initially aware, she attempts to keep her attraction hidden. His reciprocation of her  feelings is the catalyst that directs her to a home different from any foster home she had ever resided: a permanent dwelling in Asgard. Suggestive of reincarnation and roots she had physically never lain, her identity and existence are more a mystery than ever.  The struggle in her many transitions creates an enthusiastic atmosphere for an invigorating adventure. Dead Radiance is heavily laced with Norse mythology and unique in it's own right. 

    T.G. Ayer opens this gripping novel with a scene bound to pique anyone's interest and curiosity. The characters and events are relatable. The prose flows effortlessly. The descriptions are eloquently written; easily visualized and without an overload of adverbs. The plot is unique and intriguing. The relationships are heart warming and the adventures are exciting.  My overall stance regarding the novel is nothing but positive. I'm impressed with all aspects of Dead Radiance. 

     If you enjoy mythological creatures, well-formulated plots, mystery, and adventures that result in many sleepless nights, this series was written for you. 

Dead Radiance is nothing short of fantastic. 

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance laced with Norse mythology

Rating: Addictive

Sexual Content: G

Amazon Price for Kindle: FREE

5 stars!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Get your copy of Faerie Guardian free!

      The Creepy Hollow series is another set I thoroughly enjoyed, and plan to review. 

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Monday, July 21, 2014


     In the engaging final story in the Otherworld series, chemistry between Meghan and Cade reaches a boiling point while chaos breaks lose in the Otherworld.  The romance is kicked into over-drive ( nothing too erotic), but Meghan must carry around the mother load of secrets. Though learning to use her magic is necessary, it is potentially dangerous to all whom she has come to care. Burdened by secrets, coming to terms with her birth mother, and facing her first and possibly last epic battle, Meghan has to appreciate every living moment in her homeland. With the Morrigan's most sinister creations, combated with an equally powerful ally, these precious moments appear to be her last. 

     Luathara is the absolute best in the trilogy. I cannot boast enough about it!  Every single scene with Cade is enthralling. Every new release of magic is awing. Every plot and twist screams with creativity. It doesn't feel like a single adventure, but several, all in one book. Luathara is the epitome of the paranormal romance genre. There are several new, endearing characters; many of which are based on Celtic Mythology and all with unique personalities. Most have lively character traits of being heart warming, kind, funny, and intelligent. Others were absolutely terrifying. 

I feel extremely disappointed for anyone who doesn't read Luathara. Faelorehn is good. Dolmarehn is great. Luathara is Amaaaaazing!!! Sadly, however, the story had to end. 

Warning: this one of the books you will read with vigor and once it is over you'll wonder what to do next with your life. 

Rating: Total Book Hangover 

You don't want to miss this so buy Luathara on Amazon today! 

(For you die hard Cade groupies: the author will have a companion novella to Luathara from Cade's POV sometime in the future.) If you anticipate it as much as I do, you're obsessed ;). 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ghalien ( #2.5 Otherworld)

     If you are hoping for erotica, sorry people, you are out of luck ;).  Thankfully, with a heart and imagination you won't need it. Passion is not lacking in Ghalien, and my heart breaks for the love-stricken Ehriad. When all Cade feels he has to offer is his heart, what decision will he make? Will he leave Meghan forever or will he battle by her side in the Otherworld?  Even after his "death" experience his heart is absolute. Every fiber of Cade's being belongs to the Faelorehn girl he was ordered to kill. 

6 Stars! 

S.M. Stryker -Welcome a new author today!!!

Cover release July 16, 2014
Book release July 31, 2014

Help a new author live the dream by reading the book and leaving your review. 

Available for Kindle for the low price of $2.99!!!

Haunted by her years of abuse, Parker Dane tries to leave her past behind her starting a new life for herself. Then she meets Ian Blake, will her demons make her run away again or will her past catch up to her trying to pull her back to her past.

Ian Blake has just seen Parker Dane for the first time, will he be able to meet her and save her from her demons or will he be caught in the crossfire. 

Dolmarehn (Book #2 Otherworld)

     With the help of one absurdly handsome,  faelah bounty hunter, Cade Mcroich, Meghan reluctantly embraces her heritage as a Faelorehn, an immortal, of the grievous Otherworld. As she travels by the Dolmarehn near her earthly home, Meghan faces horror and wonder in the somewhat familiar and magical realm. 
    To the Morrigan, goddess of war and strife,  Meghan is enemy number one. She has many reasons for wanting Meghan destroyed; the most prominent is the desire to harness the vast, untapped power of her magic. Meghan, on the other hand, has more reasons to live than ever before. 
     Meghan's new friends amorously help her find her way as chaos, terror, and disappointment rains down upon her fragile state. And through the series of Malevolent storms, the self-sacrificing, Cade McCROICH is her always present calm. Though she is not as cautious to hold Cade at arm's length, confessing her love is a vulnerability she may not yet be ready to reveal.  While fighting for their lives, the shocking revelation of Cade's own secrets are discovered to harness far more sinister components. 

   As Dolmarehn introduced lovable characters, such as the boisterous Dagda with his magical Cauldron, I could have developed a mental whiplash from zipping through the book so swiftly. I fell in love with the gods and loved to despise the Morrigan.  A witty enemy with unique, strategic plots guarantees a must-read adventure. The intensity between Cade and Meghan was filled with such a desperate longing I found myself filled with agonizing desire. In Dolmarehn,  secrets are revealed, there are broken and ornate castles partial to the imagery. unique magic, beautiful landscapes, moments of fun, shattered dreams, and unrequited love. With the second book of the trilogy becoming so much a part of me, the wait for Luathara felt unbearable. 

   Other than a few grammatical errors, the charming sequel to Faelorehn is as promised, even better than the first Otherworld novel, Faelorehn. 

   I give the extremely engaging Dolmarehn a well-deserved 5 stars. 

   Seeing a whopping four and half stars,  I wondered  just how the reviews left on Amazon would differ from that of Faelorehn.  Having already read the book, I expected better feedback.  I had not, however, expected to find only three negative reviews out of  one hundred and twelve! Two of those reviews were complaints of grammatical errors. One simply stated, "Too much!"  What about you?  Are you ready for too much?  Are you ready for a book that the readers are saying is "much better" than the first?  

PARENTS: The sexual content in Dolmarehn is still maintained at a G level for all of you inquiring minds.

DO NOT FORGET: Ghalien is the companion novella to Dolmarehn, written from Cade's point of view. I simply cannot express how AMAZING Ghalien turned out. Experience first love all over again. 

Dolmarehn is available for Kindle on Amazon for the low price of $3.99. 

Don't miss out! Team Cade all the way!

The Otherworld Trilogy: Omnibus Edition

The omnibus edition includes:

A map of Eile
An interview with the main characters
Commentary by the author
A short story from the author's other series, The Legend of Oescienne.

It is all on Amazon, for Kindle, for a whopping price of 5.99!!!!

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