Monday, July 21, 2014


     In the engaging final story in the Otherworld series, chemistry between Meghan and Cade reaches a boiling point while chaos breaks lose in the Otherworld.  The romance is kicked into over-drive ( nothing too erotic), but Meghan must carry around the mother load of secrets. Though learning to use her magic is necessary, it is potentially dangerous to all whom she has come to care. Burdened by secrets, coming to terms with her birth mother, and facing her first and possibly last epic battle, Meghan has to appreciate every living moment in her homeland. With the Morrigan's most sinister creations, combated with an equally powerful ally, these precious moments appear to be her last. 

     Luathara is the absolute best in the trilogy. I cannot boast enough about it!  Every single scene with Cade is enthralling. Every new release of magic is awing. Every plot and twist screams with creativity. It doesn't feel like a single adventure, but several, all in one book. Luathara is the epitome of the paranormal romance genre. There are several new, endearing characters; many of which are based on Celtic Mythology and all with unique personalities. Most have lively character traits of being heart warming, kind, funny, and intelligent. Others were absolutely terrifying. 

I feel extremely disappointed for anyone who doesn't read Luathara. Faelorehn is good. Dolmarehn is great. Luathara is Amaaaaazing!!! Sadly, however, the story had to end. 

Warning: this one of the books you will read with vigor and once it is over you'll wonder what to do next with your life. 

Rating: Total Book Hangover 

You don't want to miss this so buy Luathara on Amazon today! 

(For you die hard Cade groupies: the author will have a companion novella to Luathara from Cade's POV sometime in the future.) If you anticipate it as much as I do, you're obsessed ;). 

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