Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dolmarehn (Book #2 Otherworld)

     With the help of one absurdly handsome,  faelah bounty hunter, Cade Mcroich, Meghan reluctantly embraces her heritage as a Faelorehn, an immortal, of the grievous Otherworld. As she travels by the Dolmarehn near her earthly home, Meghan faces horror and wonder in the somewhat familiar and magical realm. 
    To the Morrigan, goddess of war and strife,  Meghan is enemy number one. She has many reasons for wanting Meghan destroyed; the most prominent is the desire to harness the vast, untapped power of her magic. Meghan, on the other hand, has more reasons to live than ever before. 
     Meghan's new friends amorously help her find her way as chaos, terror, and disappointment rains down upon her fragile state. And through the series of Malevolent storms, the self-sacrificing, Cade McCROICH is her always present calm. Though she is not as cautious to hold Cade at arm's length, confessing her love is a vulnerability she may not yet be ready to reveal.  While fighting for their lives, the shocking revelation of Cade's own secrets are discovered to harness far more sinister components. 

   As Dolmarehn introduced lovable characters, such as the boisterous Dagda with his magical Cauldron, I could have developed a mental whiplash from zipping through the book so swiftly. I fell in love with the gods and loved to despise the Morrigan.  A witty enemy with unique, strategic plots guarantees a must-read adventure. The intensity between Cade and Meghan was filled with such a desperate longing I found myself filled with agonizing desire. In Dolmarehn,  secrets are revealed, there are broken and ornate castles partial to the imagery. unique magic, beautiful landscapes, moments of fun, shattered dreams, and unrequited love. With the second book of the trilogy becoming so much a part of me, the wait for Luathara felt unbearable. 

   Other than a few grammatical errors, the charming sequel to Faelorehn is as promised, even better than the first Otherworld novel, Faelorehn. 

   I give the extremely engaging Dolmarehn a well-deserved 5 stars. 

   Seeing a whopping four and half stars,  I wondered  just how the reviews left on Amazon would differ from that of Faelorehn.  Having already read the book, I expected better feedback.  I had not, however, expected to find only three negative reviews out of  one hundred and twelve! Two of those reviews were complaints of grammatical errors. One simply stated, "Too much!"  What about you?  Are you ready for too much?  Are you ready for a book that the readers are saying is "much better" than the first?  

PARENTS: The sexual content in Dolmarehn is still maintained at a G level for all of you inquiring minds.

DO NOT FORGET: Ghalien is the companion novella to Dolmarehn, written from Cade's point of view. I simply cannot express how AMAZING Ghalien turned out. Experience first love all over again. 

Dolmarehn is available for Kindle on Amazon for the low price of $3.99. 

Don't miss out! Team Cade all the way!

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