Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dead Radiance (A Valkyrie Novel Book #1)

        Bryn Halbrook is an endearing protagonist in her atypical ability to see upcoming demise, and in her easily empathized loneliness. From the beginning, she displays a tender hearted demeanor with noble character, and a robust undercurrent. The tragedies of her life create a character who is an over-achiever when it comes to keeping people at  bay. Having more in common with the newcomer to her foster home and school, Aiden Lee, than she is initially aware, she attempts to keep her attraction hidden. His reciprocation of her  feelings is the catalyst that directs her to a home different from any foster home she had ever resided: a permanent dwelling in Asgard. Suggestive of reincarnation and roots she had physically never lain, her identity and existence are more a mystery than ever.  The struggle in her many transitions creates an enthusiastic atmosphere for an invigorating adventure. Dead Radiance is heavily laced with Norse mythology and unique in it's own right. 

    T.G. Ayer opens this gripping novel with a scene bound to pique anyone's interest and curiosity. The characters and events are relatable. The prose flows effortlessly. The descriptions are eloquently written; easily visualized and without an overload of adverbs. The plot is unique and intriguing. The relationships are heart warming and the adventures are exciting.  My overall stance regarding the novel is nothing but positive. I'm impressed with all aspects of Dead Radiance. 

     If you enjoy mythological creatures, well-formulated plots, mystery, and adventures that result in many sleepless nights, this series was written for you. 

Dead Radiance is nothing short of fantastic. 

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance laced with Norse mythology

Rating: Addictive

Sexual Content: G

Amazon Price for Kindle: FREE

5 stars!!!

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  1. Great review Katrina. Thx. Can't wait to read the book now :)