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Author: Charlie Daye

Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance

Adult Content: 18+

Rated: 5 Stars

April 23, 2013
My name is Sicily Chase. All I wanted was one last, fun filled girls's weekend in Vegas before summer break was over. I wanted to hang out by the pool, do some shopping, hit the clubs, meet a hot guy - you know let loose. Well, I did all that and then some but little did I know that my one night stand would turn into so much more not to mention introduce me into a supernatural world I never knew existed.


Keep your teenager's far from this book. No...keep going...even further.  As for yourself, if you typically shy away from graphic, adult content you should steer clear as well. If, however, you might be curious...just the tiniest bit... you won't be disappointed. You know those sinful fantasies you keep secret, but know deep down that every female has the same one? Author Charlie Day just wrote it out in vivid detail and sold that ____! (I don't curse, you fill in the blank.) Ah, yes, that reminds me, there is quite a bit of cursing as well. In case this is also offensive to you.

Reading through Breeder's gave my mind a much needed break from reading. Yes, I said that and meant it. The prose and dialogue are easy and laid back. It felt more like having those conversation's with your girlfriend's that have you cackling as the men in your lives roll their eyes. I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere.

This is story may be a far cry from the typical action-packed adventure's I tread through daily, but it is not without it's mysteries. The writer delicately places hints of the paranormal throughout the story to make it obvious, but to not draw any attention away from our protagonist's romance. There are twists here and there to keep the question's interesting. It is interesting enough without them, truth be told.

I loved the characters and loved to hate Ripon. As a mother, it was easy to relate to the need to rip his head off. Auzi, on the other hand, I adored! He is perfect. He is sweet, thoughtful, affectionate, tends to each and every one of Sicily's desire's. Yes, ALL of them. I'd like to order two, please? Actually, one would be more than adequate, haha.

Let us not forget Auzi's vivacious comrades! Without a doubt, there would be a void to fill without their constant shenanigan's and devout loyalty. I love my guy friend's and these fella's help complete the story.

 My normal tendency to keep books of erotic details at bay has been banished. I have no choice but to read Breeder's 2 now.

~I received this novel in exchange for an honest review. Thanks Charlie! And I hold you personally responsible for corrupting me. Just thought you should know ;).

Purchase for $3.99

My name is Charlie Daye. You may not realize this but Charlie Daye is not my real name. It's a pen name that was created using my nickname. If I could legally change my name to Charlie, I would but my mother would have a heart attack. *Grins* Sometimes I question what my parents were thinking when they named me because when you translate my birth name to English it means scarf. Yes, that is correct... I was named after an article of clothing.

When I was a little girl I always dreamed of being a world champion kickboxing super model but alas that was not meant to be. So, I settled for writing stories about gorgeous women who know how to kick some serious ass. The guys are pretty hot too though.

My childhood was quite entertaining especially with an imagination like mine which intensified after I found my first book by Richie Tankersely Cusick. I never had an imaginary friend but I have come across a ghost or two in my time that have scared the crap out of me and I swear I saw a flying saucer in Vegas!

My sexy Italian husband is a chef by trade and makes the most amazing chocolate lava cakes for dessert - they are just sinfully delicious but I still refuse to eat asparagus. It's just nasty! We have an American Bulldog named TinkerBell who is a giant sized baby that hogs up the entire bed.

Now that you've read this brief synopsis of my life I hope you aren't feeling blue. Think happy thoughts knowing that my New Year's Eve was probably more boring than yours seeing as how I did absolutely nothing! But never the less, I'm glad you came and hope you'll stay for a while!


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Voices of Hell

September 8, 2014

Filled with hate for a humanity that turned its back on her, Iyzebel has accepted her fate as a demon convert with relish. On the verge of orchestrating a human culling that will wipe out most of humanity with her creator, the greater demon Ashur, Izzy is impatient to see the humans suffer for their sins. However, one human man stands in her way. Rafael, a young, hot, and tortured painter, happens to be the decedent of the Archangel by the same name and could quite possibly be the only one able to prevent the culling.
Ordered by Ashur to seduce Rafael and bring him to the darkside, Izzy becomes engorged in a romance that she never wanted nor expected, leaving her torn between revenge and a chance to be human again.

The sound of bullets sliding into chambers and deep demon growls filled the room, as Capone and Ashur stared each other down. Capone’s demon side came forward, but he still looked harmless in comparison to Ashur’s dark form. One wrong move and the room would be nothing but bloodshed and gore. The firepower would only slow the demons down, but it could kill a halfling like Izzy. There was no doubt who would win the battle, the Fallen had all the advantages, but the war would be lost if they awakened Rafael.

Laying her fingertips on Ash’s chest, Izzy whispered, “I’m fine. He’s not hurting me. I’m going to go get Rafael now.” She kept her voice calm and steady, looking into his eyes, soothing him as if he were purely beast.

His lips pulled back over large, sharp teeth in a snarl, “No, have one of your men bring him.”

Capone snapped his fingers, and one of the faceless minions skirted out of the room. Once the man had disappeared through the swinging double doors, Al grinned, his black eyes shining. 

“Worried about her, are you, Ashur? That’s the trouble with dames, they make you weak.” Turning his attention back to Izzy, he winked, “If you ever get tired of being his slave, you come see me. I know how to treat a lady.”

Izzy couldn’t keep calm or quiet any longer. “You. Yea, I bet you do. Considering that all the truly great bosses died in a hail of bullets, but not you. Not the great Capone. It was your dick, not your gun that got you in the end. Lucky and Johnny, they didn’t go down with much glory either, did they? Old men who died of old age have no use to me.


 Voices of Hell is a not so classic tale of good versus evil; angels versus demons, while resurrecting classic mafia icons of the 1920'sFemale protagonist, Izzy, is forced into a resolve of feeding the evil within and abandoning the righteous sacrifices of her past. Those sacrifices of pure intent were nothing more than strategy to turn her into the half-demon pawn and major contributor of unleashing hell on earth.

The well-written introduction to the story is provocative. I fell in love with the style of the prose and the intense scenery as the tale began its course.

The use of equilibrium is often appealing to me in an author's work. All that is evil is capable of righteousness. The use of this component also furthered the development of my intrigue.

Ashur, fallen archangel, is portrayed nicely as a heartless demon. The description serves the character well. I felt more enticed by him, rather than hatred for him.

Rafael's character was more a mystery to solve. Endearing as he may initially appear, his change is intoxicating.

There was nothing I did not enjoy about Izzy's headstrong personality. There is something for everyone to enjoy; whether it be her dry humor and rebellious nature,  or her softer capacity for compassion and love, she is the perfect heroine.

There is action galore in the pages of this story. The scenery can be explicit between the gore and the adult content. You may want to steer clear if vivid description's of either of these are not of your preference because the author did a wonderful job at bringing all aspects of the story to life.

I know many, many readers who love to devour this book. It is a nice read.


I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  

Friday, September 26, 2014

Future of Flames: The Spark (Book #1)

September 6, 2014

Kateraina was born FireKin, a true child of power. Her once mighty clan was decimated in the last Great War. Hunted her entire life, Kateraina has struggled to control abilities she barely understands. Her fate screams at her from the nightmares that plague her, a constant reminder of the violence she fears she holds.

Now, if she is to have any hope of survival, she must follow a NightWalker far into darkness and embrace shadows that lurk deep within. She must discover the truth about herself, a truth buried for for over 1300 years. Kateraina must find her hope hidden in the past, or will she face her Future of Flames.

Well, well, well! What have we here?
First, let me fill you in on the uncertainties that I am certain have caused many to leave this tale untold. Secondly, I will be much obliged to enlighten you on that little mistake.
The introduction contains two, fail-safe factors of intrigue: archeology and magic. The descriptions surrounding the opening scene are eloquently styled to draw attention. An adventure makes way from these seeds in the plot, and the story still continues from Seamus' point of view. 

This is where reader's might find they are losing interest in the story. Much time is given to the details of Seamus' love and affection for his  adopted daughter,  Kateraina. These moments are most endearing, but questions start formulating. Glimpses of Kateraina's lifestyle and demeanor are captured, but a reader's personal interaction with her is limited. I may have read one line actually spoken by her during this period.
The story continues on through another's point of, not Kateraina's, Dinan's. This isn't what I expected. At this point, I believe we learn a little more about who Kateraina is and of magic. Even more engaging is what we learn about Dinan, and his unique ability to help this girl. 

First, we fall in love with Seamus and his saviors. Then, we fall in love with Dinan. I'm still wondering if Kateraina is going to have a prominent role in this story when...Eureka! At last, Kateraina takes over and the action begins.
As the story is being told from Kateraina's point of view, the plot gains depth. From here to the end of the book, I am hooked.
Dinan and Kat's bond is written in such a way that I smiled like a fool the entire time. Magic is in every page, the mysteries are becoming clear, and parts of a certain prophecy come to pass. 

I've read many books of mages, and species weilding the power to control the elements. I've never read anything about six of these before. It could have been disastrous, but it served its purpose well.

There are no loose strings in this book. Everything is strategically placed. The writing is eloquent, and the storyline is one of a unique quality I enjoy. The different point of view's for the first part of the story were building blocks that ended up helping the plot, more than hurting it. 

I still feel strongly about a singular point of view creating more vigorous emotions. In this case, I'll make an exception. The strategy is so meticulous that it helped build emotions of endearment for our character. Also, the book exploded with so much creativity, and is so utterly sweet, I simply can't help myself!

I deducted one star. In the beginning, Kateraina's presence needed much more attention. Reader's need to connect with the primary protagonist early on in the story in order to develop a strong, personal relationship with them. 

I HIGHLY recommend this book. I now have a new series to follow, and it gave me the inspiration I've needed as of late.
Thank you Author Lisa Messier. And thank you Xavier Neal. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I'm thankful I did. It's just what I've needed! 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lost Soul (Dark World: SkinWalker's #2)

Author: T.G. Ayer

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Adult Content: 16+

Rated: 5 Stars

Book Description:

 Publication Date: January 30, 2014

With her sister missing and her mother and Anjelo stuck in the Wraith World, Kai must find a way to save them all. But the Wraith poison has brought her to her knees and only Logan's fire can help ease her pain. 
Uncertain who to rescue first, Kai's decision is made for her when she discovers her sister Greer is stuck in the Greylands and slowly going insane. Desperate to save her, Kai will go to incredible lengths to obtain a portal key to the land of the dead - and maybe, she’ll go one step too far. 
From Death-talkers to demons, trackers to ghosts, Kai must fight against betrayal and evade the clutches of danger to set her sister free. Can she save Greer from a horrific death - and will she ever be able to forgive herself if she can’t? 


 I nodded and leaned forward. I wasn’t sure what I’d expected. Maybe a map and a crystal on a piece of string. I’d seen that in an old movie once. That was the most I knew about scrying. But Malinde did nothing of the sort.


Lost Soul left me utterly speechless. The contents zealously aroused a variety of emotional allures that dominated my time and existence. Author T.G. Ayer has, once again, written a persuasive novel deserving the highest praise. 

It seems the prose is slightly deceptive. The sentence structures are so simple that a reader would not expect a plot so meticulously woven. 

The characters in the storyline are diverse in regards to many mythological beings belonging to one story. Though, at times, it feels their diverse nature's cause a slight unease, the story doesn't linger on many of the secondary characters long enough for it to cause turbulence. 

Kailin's Alpha essence has not swayed in the slightest from the first installment of the SkinWalker series. Only Kailin's new side kick has shown changes in her characteristics, which is surprisingly welcome. There's no uncomfortable transitions to deal with in the prose, making it easier to welcome the introduction of several new characters.

Be prepared for a shocking run in of former character's, assisting in the fantastic, emotional atmosphere of the novel's ending. 

My only concern for this novel is my personal wish for more descriptive romance scenes for Kai and Logan. Other than that, if you loved 'Skin Deep' as much as I, then it should be impossible to keep you from this novel. I'm delighted to reveal that it is just as captivating.

Amazon $2.99

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Serenya's Song (Tallenmere Book #2)

Author: Mysti Parker

Genre: Adult Fantasy Romance

Adult Content: 18 +

Rated: 5 Stars

Publication Date: April 29, 2012

No one ever said love was easy...
Serenya Crowe may be a half-elf commoner, but she's no ordinary woman. With the ability to interpret dreams, and a birth defect that forces her to wear gloves, she's endured gossip and the cruelty of her husband, Sebastian, The Earl of Summerwind. All she's ever wanted is to live a quiet life and raise a family. When she meets the new stranger in town, her world and her heart, are turned upside down.
Wood-elf Jayden Ravenwing is an ex-secret agent who wants nothing more than to forget matters of the heart. He left the bustle of Leogard and his failed marriage to make a fresh start in Summerwind. He never planned to fall in love again, especially with the enchanting Serenya Crowe.
When a strange portal opens on the Crowe property, Jayden is thrown into an investigation, knowing that if he fails, Serenya and everyone in the town may die.
Together, he and Serenya must overcome an ancient evil, and their own inner demons, to save Summerwind and find the love they've always dreamed of.


Any attempts to not read through this book in one sitting may be futile. 
At the novel's end, I felt exasperated at my insatiable lust for more. I'm afraid the author created an incredible sense of longing in me that I've rendered useless to control. Actually, after reading 'Serenya's Song', I have no desire, what so ever, to stop reading books of the adult paranormal/fantasy genre. 

Do expect the graphics of the adult content to be explicitly written. I may have never had the desire to read books of an R rated (bordering X) before, but for me, there is no possibility of going back. This author has meticulously seduced  a part of me with this book that has led me to enjoy more diverse territories. Perhaps her plot ventures further than the book itself? ;)

Jayden's role in 'A Ranger's Tale' as a secondary protagonist leave's the reader feeling admiration and inspired. Mysti Parker  elaborated on the elf's passions, characteristics, history, and heart-break from the first book, creating a mesmerizing protagonist. Amplifying his attributes provided a solid back story setting. 

After many years of trisks and a broken heart, Jayden has finally found his perfect match. Though it may be love at first sight for he and Serenya, the trials are endless and hope is dwindling.

Serenya is married to, Sebastian Crowe , man of power and an abusive nature. Harboring on her insecurities, her deformity and the possibility of being barren, he forces himself on her endlessly while using influence to cage her with fear. An escape route that doesn't come to a deadly end seems impossible at any attempts. 

Jayden refuses to give up on her or his heart, especially when hell on earth is literally so near to her. Their chemistry when alone together is agonizing every time they are forced their separate ways. 

Romance, however, is not all to expected of this extraordinary tale. 
Eerie and unique mythological creatures are the cornerstone for this mystery. While Jayden and his troops from the L.I.O. set out to unravel the mysteries behind the portal to hell before devastation strikes again, Serenya's personal mystery is the captivating force in the premise. 

I won't elaborate on the last chapters of the book despite them being some of my favorite. The shocks and surprises are too praise-worthy to chance ruining. 

The secondary characters on this novel are captured so well it cannot go without bring mentioned. Part of the unique charm to this series is you can expect to read  roles from the protagonists in the previous book and in the third installment of the Tallenmere series. 

It's even more beguiling that each book in the series uses already familiar characters. And with each new tale, the history of Tallenmere expands, creating what feels like a tangible, new world.

Tallenmere: A series that cannot disappoint!!!



Mysti Parker (pseudonym) is a wife, mother of three, author, and shameless chocoholic. She is the author of the Tallenmere standalone fantasy romance series. Her writing has been likened to Terry Goodkind's 'Sword of Truth' series, but is probably closer to a spicy cross between Tolkien and Mercedes Lackey.

Mysti's other writings have appeared in the anthologies Hearts of Tomorrow, Christmas Lites, Christmas Lites II, The Darwin Murders, and EveryDayFiction. She serves as a class mentor in Writers Village University's seven week online course, F2K. She's just finished her first historical romance and has two children's books represented by Steven Hutson of WordWise Media Services.

When she's not writing, Mysti reviews books for SQ Magazine, an online specfic publication, and is the proud owner of Unwritten, a blog voted #3 for eCollegeFinder's Top Writing Blogs award. She resides in Buckner, KY with her husband and three children.