Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lost Soul (Dark World: SkinWalker's #2)

Author: T.G. Ayer

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Adult Content: 16+

Rated: 5 Stars

Book Description:

 Publication Date: January 30, 2014

With her sister missing and her mother and Anjelo stuck in the Wraith World, Kai must find a way to save them all. But the Wraith poison has brought her to her knees and only Logan's fire can help ease her pain. 
Uncertain who to rescue first, Kai's decision is made for her when she discovers her sister Greer is stuck in the Greylands and slowly going insane. Desperate to save her, Kai will go to incredible lengths to obtain a portal key to the land of the dead - and maybe, she’ll go one step too far. 
From Death-talkers to demons, trackers to ghosts, Kai must fight against betrayal and evade the clutches of danger to set her sister free. Can she save Greer from a horrific death - and will she ever be able to forgive herself if she can’t? 


 I nodded and leaned forward. I wasn’t sure what I’d expected. Maybe a map and a crystal on a piece of string. I’d seen that in an old movie once. That was the most I knew about scrying. But Malinde did nothing of the sort.


Lost Soul left me utterly speechless. The contents zealously aroused a variety of emotional allures that dominated my time and existence. Author T.G. Ayer has, once again, written a persuasive novel deserving the highest praise. 

It seems the prose is slightly deceptive. The sentence structures are so simple that a reader would not expect a plot so meticulously woven. 

The characters in the storyline are diverse in regards to many mythological beings belonging to one story. Though, at times, it feels their diverse nature's cause a slight unease, the story doesn't linger on many of the secondary characters long enough for it to cause turbulence. 

Kailin's Alpha essence has not swayed in the slightest from the first installment of the SkinWalker series. Only Kailin's new side kick has shown changes in her characteristics, which is surprisingly welcome. There's no uncomfortable transitions to deal with in the prose, making it easier to welcome the introduction of several new characters.

Be prepared for a shocking run in of former character's, assisting in the fantastic, emotional atmosphere of the novel's ending. 

My only concern for this novel is my personal wish for more descriptive romance scenes for Kai and Logan. Other than that, if you loved 'Skin Deep' as much as I, then it should be impossible to keep you from this novel. I'm delighted to reveal that it is just as captivating.

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