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Future of Flames: The Spark (Book #1)

September 6, 2014

Kateraina was born FireKin, a true child of power. Her once mighty clan was decimated in the last Great War. Hunted her entire life, Kateraina has struggled to control abilities she barely understands. Her fate screams at her from the nightmares that plague her, a constant reminder of the violence she fears she holds.

Now, if she is to have any hope of survival, she must follow a NightWalker far into darkness and embrace shadows that lurk deep within. She must discover the truth about herself, a truth buried for for over 1300 years. Kateraina must find her hope hidden in the past, or will she face her Future of Flames.

Well, well, well! What have we here?
First, let me fill you in on the uncertainties that I am certain have caused many to leave this tale untold. Secondly, I will be much obliged to enlighten you on that little mistake.
The introduction contains two, fail-safe factors of intrigue: archeology and magic. The descriptions surrounding the opening scene are eloquently styled to draw attention. An adventure makes way from these seeds in the plot, and the story still continues from Seamus' point of view. 

This is where reader's might find they are losing interest in the story. Much time is given to the details of Seamus' love and affection for his  adopted daughter,  Kateraina. These moments are most endearing, but questions start formulating. Glimpses of Kateraina's lifestyle and demeanor are captured, but a reader's personal interaction with her is limited. I may have read one line actually spoken by her during this period.
The story continues on through another's point of, not Kateraina's, Dinan's. This isn't what I expected. At this point, I believe we learn a little more about who Kateraina is and of magic. Even more engaging is what we learn about Dinan, and his unique ability to help this girl. 

First, we fall in love with Seamus and his saviors. Then, we fall in love with Dinan. I'm still wondering if Kateraina is going to have a prominent role in this story when...Eureka! At last, Kateraina takes over and the action begins.
As the story is being told from Kateraina's point of view, the plot gains depth. From here to the end of the book, I am hooked.
Dinan and Kat's bond is written in such a way that I smiled like a fool the entire time. Magic is in every page, the mysteries are becoming clear, and parts of a certain prophecy come to pass. 

I've read many books of mages, and species weilding the power to control the elements. I've never read anything about six of these before. It could have been disastrous, but it served its purpose well.

There are no loose strings in this book. Everything is strategically placed. The writing is eloquent, and the storyline is one of a unique quality I enjoy. The different point of view's for the first part of the story were building blocks that ended up helping the plot, more than hurting it. 

I still feel strongly about a singular point of view creating more vigorous emotions. In this case, I'll make an exception. The strategy is so meticulous that it helped build emotions of endearment for our character. Also, the book exploded with so much creativity, and is so utterly sweet, I simply can't help myself!

I deducted one star. In the beginning, Kateraina's presence needed much more attention. Reader's need to connect with the primary protagonist early on in the story in order to develop a strong, personal relationship with them. 

I HIGHLY recommend this book. I now have a new series to follow, and it gave me the inspiration I've needed as of late.
Thank you Author Lisa Messier. And thank you Xavier Neal. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I'm thankful I did. It's just what I've needed! 

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