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Voices of Hell

September 8, 2014

Filled with hate for a humanity that turned its back on her, Iyzebel has accepted her fate as a demon convert with relish. On the verge of orchestrating a human culling that will wipe out most of humanity with her creator, the greater demon Ashur, Izzy is impatient to see the humans suffer for their sins. However, one human man stands in her way. Rafael, a young, hot, and tortured painter, happens to be the decedent of the Archangel by the same name and could quite possibly be the only one able to prevent the culling.
Ordered by Ashur to seduce Rafael and bring him to the darkside, Izzy becomes engorged in a romance that she never wanted nor expected, leaving her torn between revenge and a chance to be human again.

The sound of bullets sliding into chambers and deep demon growls filled the room, as Capone and Ashur stared each other down. Capone’s demon side came forward, but he still looked harmless in comparison to Ashur’s dark form. One wrong move and the room would be nothing but bloodshed and gore. The firepower would only slow the demons down, but it could kill a halfling like Izzy. There was no doubt who would win the battle, the Fallen had all the advantages, but the war would be lost if they awakened Rafael.

Laying her fingertips on Ash’s chest, Izzy whispered, “I’m fine. He’s not hurting me. I’m going to go get Rafael now.” She kept her voice calm and steady, looking into his eyes, soothing him as if he were purely beast.

His lips pulled back over large, sharp teeth in a snarl, “No, have one of your men bring him.”

Capone snapped his fingers, and one of the faceless minions skirted out of the room. Once the man had disappeared through the swinging double doors, Al grinned, his black eyes shining. 

“Worried about her, are you, Ashur? That’s the trouble with dames, they make you weak.” Turning his attention back to Izzy, he winked, “If you ever get tired of being his slave, you come see me. I know how to treat a lady.”

Izzy couldn’t keep calm or quiet any longer. “You. Yea, I bet you do. Considering that all the truly great bosses died in a hail of bullets, but not you. Not the great Capone. It was your dick, not your gun that got you in the end. Lucky and Johnny, they didn’t go down with much glory either, did they? Old men who died of old age have no use to me.


 Voices of Hell is a not so classic tale of good versus evil; angels versus demons, while resurrecting classic mafia icons of the 1920'sFemale protagonist, Izzy, is forced into a resolve of feeding the evil within and abandoning the righteous sacrifices of her past. Those sacrifices of pure intent were nothing more than strategy to turn her into the half-demon pawn and major contributor of unleashing hell on earth.

The well-written introduction to the story is provocative. I fell in love with the style of the prose and the intense scenery as the tale began its course.

The use of equilibrium is often appealing to me in an author's work. All that is evil is capable of righteousness. The use of this component also furthered the development of my intrigue.

Ashur, fallen archangel, is portrayed nicely as a heartless demon. The description serves the character well. I felt more enticed by him, rather than hatred for him.

Rafael's character was more a mystery to solve. Endearing as he may initially appear, his change is intoxicating.

There was nothing I did not enjoy about Izzy's headstrong personality. There is something for everyone to enjoy; whether it be her dry humor and rebellious nature,  or her softer capacity for compassion and love, she is the perfect heroine.

There is action galore in the pages of this story. The scenery can be explicit between the gore and the adult content. You may want to steer clear if vivid description's of either of these are not of your preference because the author did a wonderful job at bringing all aspects of the story to life.

I know many, many readers who love to devour this book. It is a nice read.


I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  

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