Saturday, January 31, 2015

Callous by Xavier Neal

      C.J. and Erin have a complicated relationship. They do three things very well together. Argue, have sex, and keep secrets from each other. However, when C.J.'s past comes to tear him away, it not only threatens to destroy the new life he has built, but the relationship with the only woman who has ever been his match. Will the heavy weight they are both carrying be lifted? Or will everything they've experienced mean nothing, leaving them both Callous?

A Senses Series novel.                                                                                                                                  
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

(Possible spoilers and 18+ ONLY)

Being a huge fan of Neal's "Senses series", I was more than a little intimidated by approaching C.J. and Erin's story.  While a spin-off will immediately draw the attention of previous readers, there is always the chance of biased emotions interfering with the new story.

Obviously,  I had a bad case of amnesia and forgot who wrote the book! Expect all of the characters we love to love and love to laugh over to be present enough to Fan-girl over, but not so much that it dominates the attention away from Erin and C.J.'s love to hate you and love you to love me relationship.

I was more than a little intrigued from the very start of the book. Each turn of the page did not satiate my growing obsession.  As the story continued I knew it would be no more quenched than it was with Maxx and Logan's story.  That would be never. There will never, ever be enough of these characters in my life. They're not only loveable and realistic. Their dialogue and life stories embed themselves into your heart. They are home.

First, the anticipation surrounding C.J.'s unfortunate circumstances held me teetering in fierce denial. Once someone has joined the family, I'd rather see them held captive than walking away. C.J's confessions to Erin kept me swooning long after the book ended. It left an ache for everything a woman needs, not wants, needs in a man. Swooning doesn't justify this level of perfection.

Though I may have, sort of, wanted to pound Erin's obstinance from her, where would the tension be? A character straying from her key character "traits" wouldn't fair well or be of much use for the story-line.  As a reader,  I'm allowed to wanna slap and hug her at the same time. I wouldn't change her quick-witted quips or snarky attitude at all. She's hysterical,  confident, determined, and underneath it all she has a heart of Gold. Erin's vulnerabilities introduced me to a new side of her to adore.

Moving on, we have the sexual attraction between the two and that alone was enough to drive me insane. Discovering  the sentimental side of CJ, via his point of view, melted my heart.  Understanding the complex, internal impact surrounding Erin's life was heart breaking. The execution of unknown revelations pertaining to the  death of her parents added a broader element of intrigue to the picture. I thoroughly enjoyed the diversity of issues in the plot and the execution is written flawlessly.

The sexual content of Callous is delicious and utterly intoxicating. The scenes are steamy and explicit, but Neal also threw in such an intense level of passion it reinvigorate's desires that make her former novels appear amateur. I am nuts over Max and Logan, but Neal showed so much progress as a writer that I was left riding a blissful high.

Callous is beyond extraordinary and the emotional effects have left me speechless. It's perfect. I could search a thesaurus looking for synonyms to amp up the review, but perfect says it all. The story can speak for itself justifiably.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Secrets (Saphire Springs #2) by Savannah Morgan

Book Description:
Welcome to Sapphire Springs. A town full of danger, lust, intrigue and love. A world where the suspense will have you on the edge of your seat and the sexy romances will have your panties melting and your heart pounding.

There is a world of Secrets out there. A world where nothing is as it seems. A world of the Italian Mafia, Eurasian Crime Organizations and Government Black Ops. Will the Mafia Ice Princess melt for the Native American Black Ops Agent?

Tia Mitchel has lived a dual life from a young age. Now as an adult, with desires and needs of her own, she fights for her right to live the life she wants rather than the one mapped out for her since birth.
Cole Lawson quit The Unit after being betrayed and left in enemy hands. Now he is being pulled back in for one final mission. Destroy the woman he loves and he gains his freedom forever.

Take a harrowing journey with Tia and Cole as they fight insurmountable odds against each other, two Mafia factions, the US Government, and the lies and secrets that have kept them apart. Will trusting one another be more deadly than the secrets they keep?


Rated:5+ stars!


*I received this book in exchange for an honest review *

Dreams, the first installment in Sapphire Springs MUST be read first! Afterward, I recommend wasting no time before jumping into Secrets. The connections from the first book to the second will shake everything you assumed to have known and shock you to the core.  This is the BEST romantic - thriller I've read yet!

I am thoroughly impressed by highly - detailed structure of this books prose. It had to have taken a lot of research and involves a vast amount of knowledge combined with the imagination for it to function properly. It is extremely well-written!

Though it seems answers are supplied early on, mysteries abound and heated atmospheres between Cole and Tia become the intrigue of the story. Each turn of the page is laced with its fill of fascination and desire. Throw in passionate intimacy and dare to even think of not finishing this book. I love Tia and Cole even more than Devin and Kylie!

With that in mind, another wondrous element is the continuation of Devin and Kylie's story flawlessly intertwining itself into the plot of Secrets. All that is loveable about Sapphire Springs continues to be represented. As the secrets surface, however,  certain characters are to be absolutely loathed! 

If you've read other reviews then you already know of the many, many mob ties within the story-line. Staring that minute fact doesn't do it justice.  There are so many shock - factors woven throughout Secrets that I didn't stand a chance at not finishing the story. Every time I was certain the book was headed in one direction,  another twist would tantalize my intrigue beyond being bareable!

I would give it many more than 5 stars if possible.  I may have enjoyed Dreams by Savannah Morgan,  but Secrets can blow this writer's beyond amazing skills out of the water. I'm still in awe. The passion in Secrets is EXHILERATING! It sent me over the edge. I've read it 3 times!!!!


Glimse of Destiny (The Xade Daniel's Chronicles) by Samantha Ketteman

Book Description:

As the supernatural community awaits the upcoming battle of the species, Xade Daniels could careless about anything other than staying alive. At the top of the supernatural creature’s most wanted list, Xade’s existence has become a lonely world of kill-or-be-killed.
Unfortunately for her, the Vampire Council’s hitman and Xades ex-lover shows up on her doorstep and Xade's life spins out of control. With her best friend Shauna by her side, and Deysyl wreaking havoc on her emotions, Xade must fight for her life as she traverses into Hell and back. Discovering her heritage, fighting feelings for Deysyl, and avoiding constant attempts on her life is just another day for Xade Daniels.


If a hard core heroine with a snarky personality and similar secondary characters are to your enjoyment, Samantha Ketteman will provide dubious amounts of all. Xade Daniels learns she has only scratched the surface in assuming her unknown heritage, and powers superior to ancient's, would lead to alterations her mind nor heart could have ever prepared her. This novel is fast paced and to the point. No lingering adverbs to stretch the book out. Only an excellent story with a unique prose to satiate all of your reading needs.

Glimpse of Destiny is a gem among the paranormal,  romantic - thriller genre. With vampires, witches, grim reapers,  demons, valkyrie, elven, and even fae existing in one amazing novel, my anticipation for the second installment has me hanging by a thread.



Friday, January 9, 2015

Embers (Future of Flames Book #2) by Lisa Messier

Book Description :

Shadow weaves and fire burns. Kateraina carries both the night and flame. Born FireKin, the shadows have claimed her, binding her to Dinan NightWalker. She will need his love, and the strength of both their clans to see her through. 

Nightmares plague her as the Dreamers call to her fire. Fated to restore them, Raina must embrace all she is meant to be. But an echo from the past haunts her. Will fire and night be enough to stop the darkness determined to break her future of flames?


 Embers is a wonderful second installment to the Future of Flames collection. My excitement soared when Kataraina stumbled upon the second section of the prophecy: the Dreamers.
Tge twists are pleasant and the story easily read.
I only wish for there to have been a more descriptive dialogue between the characters to create a nore thorough intrigue.
I give it a 4 stars! I look forward to the next book.

Little Girls and Their Ponies by Meg Collett

That day on the road took everything from Alice Montgomery. Her beautiful face, her father’s keen mind, and her precious horse. One horrible accident left her trapped in a burning truck. They say she was lucky to survive, but they lied. 

Nearly a year later, Alice feels the pain and sadness from that day just as fresh as when it happened. Her surviving is barely hanging on. How do you live when all you once lived for is dead and gone? 

Then one day opportunity knocks on the door. It’s the chance to heal, to move on. Finally, Alice feels something besides the familiar, aching pain. 

It’s time to leave the fire behind and truly live again, but Alice holds tight to the pain of that day, possibly too tight to ever let go. 

The flawless details of the the descriptive atmosphere Meg Collett created in Little Girls and Their Ponies is awe-inspiring.  The execution of the prose is handled with a well-structured momentum that held me captive from start to finish. I felt the wind as it was written, I related to the protagonist on a treacherously personal level, and I lost myself in another person's journey. Perhaps part of the intrigue I found in this story is I felt it was my own, and that harbored questions of just how many people have endured similar tragedies and lifestyle changes. And is there hope?
With a beautiful soul such as Matthew's, there is hope and beautiful justice for broken spirit's. I fell in love with him immediately.

Chances Are by Mysti Parker

Book Description:

Sometimes love’s not enough. 

Natalie and JD West had it all—a nice house, steady jobs, and a baby on the way. 

Until the unthinkable happened. 

On the brink of divorce, Natalie soothes her grief by playing matchmaker for her best friend. JD, a high school principal, focuses on helping a troubled student. With their separate missions, a seductive secretary, and a deadly situation threatening to tear them apart for good, chances are they’ll never make it. Can they bet on love to pull them through? 

Chances Are is the most heartfelt, truly moving story I have ever read. I felt disdainful over a couple of reviews left on here. it deserves more than a 5 star rating and though people are welcome to their opinions, they have obviously not experienced anything in this book that is so easily relatable. I hope many more get the chance to read this novella and find hope for their marriage as it has given me. Life after losing a baby requires impossible strength. A marriage that has lost it's vigor beforehand already feels impossible to maintain. I loved both characters dearly. They were truly endearing and encouraging.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Interwoven Anthology - (Vital by Xavier Neal)

Book Description:

Entertwine is proud to bring you this wonderful mix of holiday stories featuring several of our authors. With stories ranging from heart warming to spicy, every reader is sure to enjoy this compilation.


Vital- A Senses Series Prequel

Xavier Neal continues to write stories that explode with entertainment.  The personal atmospheres she creates become borderline obsessive. The relationship between Maxx and Logan fuels passionate desires making one eager to read the story-line more than is natural for one piece of work. The family bond with their friends, Erin and Luke, is endearing on a praise - worthy level.
I could read this story without ever tiring.
Vital is an intoxicating realm of unadulterated bliss. I couldn't ask for a more valuable Christmas present. If you miss out on this prequel you have no idea how the relatable of Xavier Neal's books have the ability to fill voids you did not know existed. I honestly did nit believe a prequel to to tge Senses series could compare to the actual books. I was dead wrong in this case, as it rekindled the happiness these characters provoke. Xavier Neal is a new breed of talent with the ability to capture a reader's attention and heart, and consume the soul. Intense I know, but true none the less. Christmas Story of 2014!!!!

Savor (Senses Series #5) by Xavier Neal

Book Description:

Lately, Logan "Unbreakable" Kellar's life has been a series of miscommunications with catastrophic consequences. However, this time around, the consequences threaten to not only damage his current relationships but erase a future he only ever dreamed of. Will Logan lose everything he's ever hoped for or will he finally be able to break the cycle of his mistakes and get the future he is so desperate to Savor?

Senses Series Book 5


*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

As depressing as it is to know the Senses series has come to its end, I can think of no better finale'. The intensity of the events throughout the entire book kept me on edge. Maxx and Logan's story is one I have to relive time and again. There is no better high. A lot of twists and "what if's" are headed your way if you are already anticipating this final installment. . Logan managed to capture my heart all over again with his vulnerability in Savor. Be prepared for some surprises. Logan managed to capture my heart all over again with his vulnerability in Savor.

I recommend the entire series for people romance junkies.

Chaos (Havoc #2) by Xavier Neal

Book Description:

Clint "Grim" Walker has always been clear about two things in his life: his love of his Marine career and his love for Haven Davenport.

His self-missions were clear: be the best Marine possible. Protect Haven at all costs.

But when the two objectives collide they leave his once stable existence in chaos.


I've been aching to read Chaos the second Havoc came to it's close.

Chaos is most certainly a suitable title as those are the feelings it provokes throughout the entirety of the book. At times I tried to reason through my distorted emotions that I had not heard or understood Haven's side during any of the messes their relationship finds itself. It's easy to relate to both protagonists.  It's just so intense and I know it hits so close to home for the typical areas relationship's tend to wander.  I wanted to throw something and I was felt pleasantly subdued at Clint's numbness and decisions.

Another 5 stars (until I read the next book hahaha).

Sia by Kia Carrington-Russell

Book Description:

Eighteen years have now passed since the Phantom Wolf, Sia, faced her greatest challenge when she was forced to kill her lover, Kiba—the rightful heir to the throne. Sia murdered the dishonorable King Taleb for his transgressions before resting in peace among her Spirit Pack. Saith and Keeley now rule over the Kingdom, endeavoring to restore peace and allegiance throughout the land. Their actions are clouded in secrecy so that their daughter—whom they named Sia—should remain protected and unaware. But what are they preparing for? Sia, now almost eighteen years of age, must face her own journey to discover the mysteries her world has to offer. In order to uncover her true potential, Sia must confront her feelings for Trim. When her name is called, she sees him cringe as he remembers the love he once held for the Great Phantom Wolf before her. Mistrust and lies decay the Kingdom’s solidarity. Sia’s curiosity is piqued by the fear that shadows all wolves: the threat of the humans. So what happens when she comes across one?


I absolutely adored Sia! This book is a paranormal pleasure for all to enjoy. The transitions of the characters from Phantom Wolf is flawless. The romantic tension between Sia and Trim provokes delightful anticipation. The spiritual purity and character growth is beautifully captured. The execution of the prose was was smooth, storyline riveting, and the integration of the events from Phantom Wolf were tactful. I recommend Sia for all paranormal romance lovers. I am over-joyed to have a new series to eagerly follow. After a torturous cliff-hanger I cannot be more ready to read the next installment!

Pantom Wolf by Kia Carrington-Russell

Book Description:

Sia is a Phantom Wolf. Neither dead nor alive—and rotting from the inside—she is on the edge of her curse. Once a Phantom Wolf has been created, they hunt their blood pack and slaughter all their loved ones. Except for Sia, who woke years after her death to find herself rampaging through the land on a lonely path. She continues to run from the rival pack that hunts her because she is a Phantom Wolf. Attracted to a scent, Sia finds her old best friend, who is now a grown woman. Having once saved Keeley, Sia takes the role of protector yet again, despite Keeley’s involvement with the mysterious Alpha, Kiba, and his kin brother, Saith. An ambush separates the pack and the four of them blindly fight the new warriors that attack them: desperately needing to find out where the attacks are coming from, as Sia has vowed to protect Keeley. But at what cost? Now being chased, Sia finds herself conflicted by the mortal and spirit world while trying to protect her kin. Sia must confront her fears, as well as the human lover who killed her many years before. It is not only survival Sia contends with, but her own façade that must be broken so that she may find peace within herself once more.

The scenes painted before me were unusual,  but what isn't the first time ventured? As the depth of the story consumed me those "odd" descriptives became comfortable and expected.  Phantom Wolf has an extensive emotional allure to it. The philosophy behind what I imagine to be the worst curse on can fathom had me wondering why more authors have yet to explore these basic instinctual vulnerabilities.
Sia's experiences shattered my heart. The love and the strength she was able to maintain after an onslaught of tragedies is amazing. Kalib stole my heart from the beginning. His compassion and acceptance are his most endearing qualities. By the end I was bawling my bloody eyes out. A book that is so dynamic and can pull my emotions free so easily is a 5 star novel.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bound by Revenge by Mandy Dowson

Book Description:

Revenge is a dish best served cold. And Donovan has a huge serving of it for one female in particular. He intends to find her and make her pay. But will he find her before the deadly poison in his blood gets him? Running on empty, his body no longer obeying his commands, he must rely on others to keep him alive just long enough to see his plan come to fruition.
There is one she-wolf who will be his touchstone. Together, they are stronger. Together, they might just survive. As the darkness swallows him whole, she will be his savior. There's only one problem -- he's not interested in being saved.
A choice lies before him -- revenge or love -- but with his heart closed to emotion, his choice may already be made. Hatred is what drives him. But will his vengeance keep him warm at night?


5 Stars

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review *

I truly enjoy the element of intrigue Mandy Dawson includes in her works. The lack of predictability combined with heavy emotional atmospheres ensuring to capture and harness a reader's attention.

There is more of Donovan's story to be told and is the primary focus in this tale. As for the female protagonist, Greta, there is much more to her than initially meets the eye. It seems much of the bantering that is created from the snarky female may be her wall of protection. The question is why? Some of those answers are certainly surprising and a little heart breaking.

The execution of the graphic scenes and explicit detail are tenfold the prior 2 books. That alone will keep Mandy Dowson's fans returning.

As more mythological creatures make entrance to this series, a deeper plot unfolds building much anticipation for the next book in the series. I personally cannot satiate my hunger for the Bound series.

Pack & Parcel by Mandy Dowson

Book Description:

Part of the Amazon Best Selling series, Moon Bound.
**This book is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. It contains adult situations and scenes of erotica and mild horror.

Leesh is a female on the run. She's taken all she can take from her abusive mate, and so, gathering up her five year old little boy, Jase, she flees her territory, her pack and her family, but with danger lurking around every corner, and old injuries leaving her vulnerable to attack from any and every quarter, she must rely on the Master of the Hunt, from the Tall Grass pack to keep her safe.
Wallace is ruggedly handsome despite his many scars, but Leesh pushes him away even as she wishes she could let him hold her close.
Is she too far gone in fear and self-hatred to return his blossoming feelings?

With an angry mate on her tail, Wallace must do all he can to save the woman he's fallen in love with, and protect the son he wishes to call his own.
But Christmas is a time for miracles, right?


5 Stars

While reading Pack and Parcel I realized Author Mandy Dawson had unexpectedly stolen my heart. Her storylines are beguiling and the emotional atmospheres are intoxicating.

Leesha and Wallace experience conflict as individuals securing their beautifully broken souls. The design of the Wolf society inflicts further complications for the two. As they are accepted and protected by our former protagonists, self-acceptance and alluding a life-threatening force impends their existence together.

Not only are there two new characters to instantly love, but the characters from Bound by Fate are present, true to their origins on the first book, and we are surprisingly allowed to be an audience to an anticipated event that includes a nice shocker element. A book that leaves me smiling like a lunatic is put on "repeat mode."

Bound by Fate by Mandy Dowson

Book Description:

*Amazon Best Selling Series
Not suitable for under 18's as there are adult themes, explicit scenes and some mild horror.

Giving her Guardian the slip has never been a problem for Beth. Even for a wolf, she is wicked fast and almost impossible to track. Then she meets Gareth, her new Guardian. Gareth is ruggedly handsome, unfailingly stubborn, and seems determined to sniff Beth out, no matter where she runs.

After a disastrous night of passion with Gareth, Beth has no choice but to put herself forward for mating. Although, it's not just Gareth that has his eye on this female. Donovan, a wolf from a neighboring pack , has his own reasons for wanting this she-wolf, and when Beth makes the wrong choice, she finds out exactly what happens when you're "thrown to the wolves".

Secrets are revealed and choices are made. Will love conquer all, or destroy everything Beth has ever known?



The storyline in Bound by Fate is mesmerizing from start to finish! Mandy Dowson's creative talents found their way to the crevasses of my soul. All characters were enveloped in such tension-filled atmospheres that time stood still. The elements contained within the story are delightful and intriguing. My emotions were pulled to the surface and the my heart depended on the story each page had to offer. I will be following this author from this point forward. I relish in talent and paranormal romances that I look forward to reading more than once.