Friday, January 9, 2015

Embers (Future of Flames Book #2) by Lisa Messier

Book Description :

Shadow weaves and fire burns. Kateraina carries both the night and flame. Born FireKin, the shadows have claimed her, binding her to Dinan NightWalker. She will need his love, and the strength of both their clans to see her through. 

Nightmares plague her as the Dreamers call to her fire. Fated to restore them, Raina must embrace all she is meant to be. But an echo from the past haunts her. Will fire and night be enough to stop the darkness determined to break her future of flames?


 Embers is a wonderful second installment to the Future of Flames collection. My excitement soared when Kataraina stumbled upon the second section of the prophecy: the Dreamers.
Tge twists are pleasant and the story easily read.
I only wish for there to have been a more descriptive dialogue between the characters to create a nore thorough intrigue.
I give it a 4 stars! I look forward to the next book.

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