Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sia by Kia Carrington-Russell

Book Description:

Eighteen years have now passed since the Phantom Wolf, Sia, faced her greatest challenge when she was forced to kill her lover, Kiba—the rightful heir to the throne. Sia murdered the dishonorable King Taleb for his transgressions before resting in peace among her Spirit Pack. Saith and Keeley now rule over the Kingdom, endeavoring to restore peace and allegiance throughout the land. Their actions are clouded in secrecy so that their daughter—whom they named Sia—should remain protected and unaware. But what are they preparing for? Sia, now almost eighteen years of age, must face her own journey to discover the mysteries her world has to offer. In order to uncover her true potential, Sia must confront her feelings for Trim. When her name is called, she sees him cringe as he remembers the love he once held for the Great Phantom Wolf before her. Mistrust and lies decay the Kingdom’s solidarity. Sia’s curiosity is piqued by the fear that shadows all wolves: the threat of the humans. So what happens when she comes across one?


I absolutely adored Sia! This book is a paranormal pleasure for all to enjoy. The transitions of the characters from Phantom Wolf is flawless. The romantic tension between Sia and Trim provokes delightful anticipation. The spiritual purity and character growth is beautifully captured. The execution of the prose was was smooth, storyline riveting, and the integration of the events from Phantom Wolf were tactful. I recommend Sia for all paranormal romance lovers. I am over-joyed to have a new series to eagerly follow. After a torturous cliff-hanger I cannot be more ready to read the next installment!

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