Sunday, January 18, 2015

Secrets (Saphire Springs #2) by Savannah Morgan

Book Description:
Welcome to Sapphire Springs. A town full of danger, lust, intrigue and love. A world where the suspense will have you on the edge of your seat and the sexy romances will have your panties melting and your heart pounding.

There is a world of Secrets out there. A world where nothing is as it seems. A world of the Italian Mafia, Eurasian Crime Organizations and Government Black Ops. Will the Mafia Ice Princess melt for the Native American Black Ops Agent?

Tia Mitchel has lived a dual life from a young age. Now as an adult, with desires and needs of her own, she fights for her right to live the life she wants rather than the one mapped out for her since birth.
Cole Lawson quit The Unit after being betrayed and left in enemy hands. Now he is being pulled back in for one final mission. Destroy the woman he loves and he gains his freedom forever.

Take a harrowing journey with Tia and Cole as they fight insurmountable odds against each other, two Mafia factions, the US Government, and the lies and secrets that have kept them apart. Will trusting one another be more deadly than the secrets they keep?


Rated:5+ stars!


*I received this book in exchange for an honest review *

Dreams, the first installment in Sapphire Springs MUST be read first! Afterward, I recommend wasting no time before jumping into Secrets. The connections from the first book to the second will shake everything you assumed to have known and shock you to the core.  This is the BEST romantic - thriller I've read yet!

I am thoroughly impressed by highly - detailed structure of this books prose. It had to have taken a lot of research and involves a vast amount of knowledge combined with the imagination for it to function properly. It is extremely well-written!

Though it seems answers are supplied early on, mysteries abound and heated atmospheres between Cole and Tia become the intrigue of the story. Each turn of the page is laced with its fill of fascination and desire. Throw in passionate intimacy and dare to even think of not finishing this book. I love Tia and Cole even more than Devin and Kylie!

With that in mind, another wondrous element is the continuation of Devin and Kylie's story flawlessly intertwining itself into the plot of Secrets. All that is loveable about Sapphire Springs continues to be represented. As the secrets surface, however,  certain characters are to be absolutely loathed! 

If you've read other reviews then you already know of the many, many mob ties within the story-line. Staring that minute fact doesn't do it justice.  There are so many shock - factors woven throughout Secrets that I didn't stand a chance at not finishing the story. Every time I was certain the book was headed in one direction,  another twist would tantalize my intrigue beyond being bareable!

I would give it many more than 5 stars if possible.  I may have enjoyed Dreams by Savannah Morgan,  but Secrets can blow this writer's beyond amazing skills out of the water. I'm still in awe. The passion in Secrets is EXHILERATING! It sent me over the edge. I've read it 3 times!!!!


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