Friday, January 9, 2015

Chances Are by Mysti Parker

Book Description:

Sometimes love’s not enough. 

Natalie and JD West had it all—a nice house, steady jobs, and a baby on the way. 

Until the unthinkable happened. 

On the brink of divorce, Natalie soothes her grief by playing matchmaker for her best friend. JD, a high school principal, focuses on helping a troubled student. With their separate missions, a seductive secretary, and a deadly situation threatening to tear them apart for good, chances are they’ll never make it. Can they bet on love to pull them through? 

Chances Are is the most heartfelt, truly moving story I have ever read. I felt disdainful over a couple of reviews left on here. it deserves more than a 5 star rating and though people are welcome to their opinions, they have obviously not experienced anything in this book that is so easily relatable. I hope many more get the chance to read this novella and find hope for their marriage as it has given me. Life after losing a baby requires impossible strength. A marriage that has lost it's vigor beforehand already feels impossible to maintain. I loved both characters dearly. They were truly endearing and encouraging.

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