Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Interwoven Anthology - (Vital by Xavier Neal)

Book Description:

Entertwine is proud to bring you this wonderful mix of holiday stories featuring several of our authors. With stories ranging from heart warming to spicy, every reader is sure to enjoy this compilation.


Vital- A Senses Series Prequel

Xavier Neal continues to write stories that explode with entertainment.  The personal atmospheres she creates become borderline obsessive. The relationship between Maxx and Logan fuels passionate desires making one eager to read the story-line more than is natural for one piece of work. The family bond with their friends, Erin and Luke, is endearing on a praise - worthy level.
I could read this story without ever tiring.
Vital is an intoxicating realm of unadulterated bliss. I couldn't ask for a more valuable Christmas present. If you miss out on this prequel you have no idea how the relatable of Xavier Neal's books have the ability to fill voids you did not know existed. I honestly did nit believe a prequel to to tge Senses series could compare to the actual books. I was dead wrong in this case, as it rekindled the happiness these characters provoke. Xavier Neal is a new breed of talent with the ability to capture a reader's attention and heart, and consume the soul. Intense I know, but true none the less. Christmas Story of 2014!!!!

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