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A Faerie's Revenge (Creepy Hollow #5)~ Review Tour & Giveaway

Welcome to the blog tour for Rachel Morgan's A FAERIE'S REVENGE,
the fifth book in her Creepy Hollow series!


Title: A Faerie's Revenge

Author: Rachel Morgan

Series: Creepy Hollow (Book #5)

Published: October 27, 2015

Format: Ebook & Paperback

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Blurb: Still reeling from a shocking revelation, Calla Larkenwood finds the threads of her world unraveling further when she's accused of a horrifying crime she didn't commit. In a world where everyone keeps secrets and someone is intent on framing her, how will she figure out who to trust?


If you've made it this far then you might find yourselves filled with a lot of reader's angst after the epic plot twist in A Faerie's Secret.  I was extremely apprehensive  whilst waiting on this release and  wondering if it were even possible to follow up something so emotionally and mentally stunning with a story to do it justice.  It went above and beyond to surpass all expectations and hopes. I enjoyed it so much that I read it twice in a day!

In this spin off of the original Creepy Hollow series, everything we once took at face value is challanged. And while these inventive ideas push us to explore different territory of the fae realm, it does so without altering our already ingrained ideas of Creepy Hollow.  It instead expands into an entirely new adventure,  presenting new perspectives from characters in the background of the original series. The smooth flowing prose and dynamics of it are flawless!

Calla is probably the strongest heroine I've read about and it has little to do with a snarky attitude or physical strength. For Calla to always maintain control of her special ability and keep it a secret, she must be vigilant mentally and emotionally at all times. Not being able to control it can have deadly consequences and her traumatic past has proven it. She's not your every day, run of the mill guardian. She second guesses everything. She needs to know that before she takes action that it is deserved or necessary. Her empathy makes her the perfect mate for someone like Chase.

Chase will steal your heart and confuse everything you thought you knew about right and wrong. Your heart will break for him time and again.

I adore how realistically situations were handled between Chase and Calla. And how emotions weren't rushed to try to squeeze in a 'Happily Ever After'.

It is inventive, fast paced, and enthralling.  It never lacks action, and it never becomes confusing with overloaded scenes. It touches base with real world dilemmas we often face as a society and throws us into the hearts of the villians. I've seen this strategy before, but until now I had not seen it perfected!

A Faerie's Revenge is hands down the must read novel of 2015! The Creepy Hollow series has officially secured its spot as the most addictive books I've ever read. This is literally the best story I've read all year and one of the best Fantasy Romance stories of all time.



Rachel Morgan is a South African author who spent a large portion of her childhood living in a fantasy land of her own making. After completing a degree in genetics, she decided science wasn’t for her—after all, they didn’t approve of made-up facts. These days she spends much of her time immersed in fantasy land once more, writing fiction for young adults and those young at heart. She is the author of the bestselling Creepy Hollow series, and the lighthearted contemporary romance Trouble series. You can find her online at the following places:

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Moonsong : The Wolves of Cutter's Folly

From Bestselling Paranormal Romance Author Lisa Olsen
After werewolves attack her family, Amelia Singer escapes to Cutter's Folly in search of her long lost grandmother. There she finds the strangest revelation yet - not only is she descended from a long line of shapeshifters, Amelia's firstborn is destined to lead the pack to dominion over all others. Now power hungry shifters everywhere will stop at nothing to share in that prophecy. Choosing a mate is the only way to end the violence, but how can she be expected to choose a man she's known for less than a week? At the heart of this struggle, Amelia is torn between Chase, who makes her pulse race with a single sultry glance, and Cutter, a reclusive but tempting loner with secrets of his own. Can fiercely independent Amelia find happiness with the pack, or will she rebel under the pressure and take her chances on her own?

Editorial Review

Author Lisa Olsen explores the world of shapeshifters with this solid Paranormal Romance. Still reeling from the news that she's from a family of shapeshifters, Amelia learns she's the focus of an ancient prophecy and everybody wants a piece of her. Against that backdrop, we have a classic love triangle. On one side we have Chase, a young, brash werewolf (excuse me, shifter), who's chomping at the bit to become the pack's next Alpha. Does he have actual feelings for Amelia, or is he more interested in the prophecy? On the other side we have Cutter, a gruff but appealing outsider who spends as much time infuriating Amelia as he intrigues her. Caught in the middle is feisty Millie, who refuses to cave in to the pressure from all sides to choose a mate for the stupid prophecy.

The author gives us the best parts of a werewolf saga (dominant males posturing for power), tempering it with a strong female cast, especially Millie herself who doesn't put up with anyone else telling her what to do.


*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review *

Simply said, I need more. I feel devastated having to wait for the next release. I was entranced from start to finish. Moonsong has one of the best, well- executed prose I've read in a while. The characters are well-written and I've fallen in love with each of them. The plot twists are so well-structured that one second I was seething with hatred for a particular character, only to experience whiplash from the amount of respect owed to him within only a few short chapters. I was skeptical of another the entire time only to be shocked by her unswaying, innocent essence. The protagonist's are loveable, snarky, and with the just right amount of obstinacy added to their traits. The atmosphere evenly transitions from blissful swooning to raw intensity and anticipation, creating a whirlwind of addicting emotions.  Both the dialogue of the story and the structure are well rounded without an onslaught of typical and overused adjectives or references. I am just now discovering this author and after reading this story all of her books are going on my to - read list. Moonsong will easily be one of the most sought after novels of the year.


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Scarlett Moon: The Wolves of Cutter's Folly

From Bestselling Paranormal Romance Author Lisa Olsen
I'm not hiding who I am. Well, I'm hiding what I am, because you don't just say Hey, everybody, I'm Scarlett and I'm a shifter at the first mixer. All I want is the chance to go to college with normal people and lead a normal life for a change, maybe even meet a normal guy. I've just been too chicken to go after it until now.

I'm making friends, I even met a cute guy who seems into me. Everything's working out like I'd hoped. Except for this other guy, Kane, who thinks he has to protect me, just because we're both wolves. Every time I turn around he's there with his dark, piercing stares and his deep, sexy voice that somehow manages to get past my defenses. I left my pack back home for a new start. The last thing I want is to get caught up in any shifter drama, no matter how sexy the package it comes wrapped up in is.

Kane is exactly the kind of man I don't want. Bossy, infuriating, insisting he knows what's best without even asking me, and so freaking hot, his ego's the size of Texas. I especially hate it when he's right. It turns out there are scarier things out there than midterms, and they're after me.

* * *

The last thing Kane's looking for is a mate - but that's exactly what his Alpha has ordered him to bring home. A very specific mate. Adding Scarlett LaRoche to the pack will cement his ties to her pack and the prophecy, which puts him one step closer to the ultimate power. But can he seduce a girl that doesn't want to be seduced?

Challenge accepted.

*** Scarlett Moon is a shifter paranormal romance with steamy sex and violence, and should not be read by those under 18. It can be read as a stand alone book, or as part of The Wolves of Cutter's Folly, and has a HEA. ***


Two paragraphs into Scarlett Moon and I was already giddy with excitement! We learn early on that Kane, awesome name by the way, was in the army 
, rides a bike, and is a hot but honorable  la Are you swooning yet? You will be. 

Scarlett, on the other hand, is very much the introvert with an untapped fierceness on the edge of discovery, as she is figuring herself out during her first year of attending college away from Cutter's Folly.

  The cameo appearances of Cutter, Millie, and their daughter are exciting and make it feel like home, but the real page turner is knowing this story will be completely different from the first, but just as entertaining.  

Some elements of Scarlett Moon are a tad darker than Moonsong, but it makes for a very intense read.  When the atmosphere isn't oozing with sexual frustrations, it is light and entertaining. There is an abundance of witty bantering to keep you smiling throughout.  

The characters are endearing and instantly likeable.  Kane remains a mystery during most of the book, but when his secrets are unveiled you will only love him more for them. Personally,  I found every side of Scarlett enjoyable. I can very much relate to her introverted tendencies but I also fell for her tenacious spirit and vivacious attitude. 

Prepare yourselves for quite a few plot twists and surprises. 
Scarlett Moon is fast paced, exciting, and swoon-worthy! A 5 star must read!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Hood's Obsession (Kingdom Series #9)

Erualis' time is running out and now Rumpelstiltskin says there are only two who can save him... 

Lilith Wolf, the daughter of the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood has a problem, she's an unmated female in heat. She has to get away from the males of her village unless she wants to find herself involuntarily hand fasted to the first one to tame her wolf. So when Giles Damien comes to her calling due the pact she'd signed with Rumpelstiltskin years ago, she doesn't really think twice about the fact that she'll be journeying to Fyre Mountain. Even though that means she'll be crossing paths with an angry water dragon, a pub full of rowdy Merry Men, and rock dwarves with a taste for flesh... For an alpha female that's an adventure. No problem. Find the Chalice of Hope, come back home, and life will return back to normal again. 

But she hadn't counted on an honorable Giles Damien to intrigue not only her female sensibilities, but her wolf too. He's a warrior, but he's sweet, he's patient, and he's altogether different from the aggressive, rough males of her village. Problem is Giles is a demone, and everyone knows they don't mingle outside of their species. But now her sights are set on him and she's going to make it her mission to prove to the stubborn headed demone that sometimes love can come from the most unexpected of circumstances...


I loved it so much I read it twice!!! Marie Hall creates the perfect fairy tale adventures for adults. In Hood's Obsession, much to my delight, she introduced a novel that is perfectly balanced between a steamy shifter romance and a swoon worthy fairy tale spin off. I've seen a lot of recycled ideas in many novels, but Hall includes a special flare to each of her novels branding them unique. Her novels are always fun to read, highly entertaining, and I was thrilled to be introduced to new mystical creatures. 

Lillith, is the daughter of Red, aka the heartsong, and the Big Bad Wolf. She's an alpha female who has beared the burden of cruel ridicule having come from a family of mixed heritage. At a young age she made a deal with the evil broker, Rumpelstiltskin, to ensure a future free from this particular prejudice. 

Giles is a demone and Rumple's right hand man. He is sent on a mission impossible complete without Lillith. The palpable attraction between the two could have devastating consequences for them both, but death itself may not be enough reason to keep up a charade of disinterest.

One of the elements making this such a fantastic story is that the characters never sway from the essence created of them. It makes the read much more enjoyable and entertaining as the story progresses. Lillith is very much the wild and obstinate Alpha wolf throughout the entirety of the tale. She tends make brash decisions and is truly prideful. Giles is the wise, capable warrior with just enough patience to handle her antics and offer compassion to her. His mind and heart have never before strayed beyond his duties, but his time with Lillith, an equal, changes everything. I love how their dual nature's complement one another. One scene in particular, the night of her bloom, had me falling hard for Giles. 

I loved the magical adventure and fell in love with these endearing characters. Even among Marie Hall's other phenomenal fairy tales, Hood's Obsession is a gem. I'm quite picky when buying paperbacks, but this is a must have for my bookshelf. I cannot wait to see what happens next in the Kingdom Series! 5 Stars! 

Rumple's Prize (Kingdom #8)

Imp, deceiver, villainous mastermind… Rumpelstiltskin’s been called all these names and more, and for the most part, they’re entirely true. But there is more to the brooding, blond haired Adonis than brokering deals for the devil. He’s hiding a terrible, hideous secret. One that threatens to fray the already delicate strands of his sanity and reason. A secret that he’s desperate to make right, to see whole again, and there is no one and nothing that will stand in his way of getting what he wants—no one except a slip of woman with hair like fire and skin like finest porcelain. Something about Shayera Caron calls to the beast inside him and makes him question his motives for the first time in his life.

Shayera Caron is the daughter of the infamous Gerard Caron, former lothario of Kingdom but now a reformed rake and settled husband and father. She can go nowhere in her tiny hamlet without seeing the sneers of women and hearing the murmurings of their disdain for the blood that runs through her veins. Shayera is desperate to get away from the gossiping hens, so when Rumpelstiltskin rides into town, she doesn’t think twice before going wherever he leads. Only thing is Shayera is not as innocent as she might seem, for she hides a secret too. One that will bring the most feared man in all of Kingdom to his knees…

* First published in the anthology, Alphas After Dark.

In Kingdom's territory, Rumpel is considered to be the devil himself. It is through one of his infamous deals that he is able to obtain the daughter of Gerard Caron, the former playboy of Kingdom. 

Rumpel's prize is filled with two enticing elements: mystery and heat-filled anticipation. The strain of the sexual intensity is enough to drive someone mad. The chemistry between Rumpel an Shayera is intoxicating. I have read this story 3 times just to experience it anew time and again. Rumpel is someone I respect for his honesty and straight forward manner. He is also more the vulnerable man than anyone could have foreseen.

The plot throughout the story is something entirely unique and entertaining. It's one of those books that make you want to pick the author's mind to understand where such interesting idea's originate. I am so very grateful for this series. I always wait a bit between each book in this series because when I find myself in a funk I know I'll find my vigor once again in one of these stories. 

This is the perfect story for fantasy lovers who have soft spot for sexy, alpha males. 5 Stars!

The Enchanted Necklace: A Nordic Princess Fairytale

The Enchanted Necklace is a new classic princess fairy tale intertwined with Norse mythology. Silya, the feisty ten year old Princess of Norway, eagerly awaits the arrival of her cousin and best friend, Princess Hedda of Denmark. The princesses are both looking forward to the summer solstice celebration, but trouble lurks in their future as magical villains see the girls as being vital for their deadly conspiracy. Hedda and Silya find themselves cast into a dangerous adventure filled with fire giants, female warrior angels, and the God of Thunder. Can the princesses save themselves and their kingdoms, or will the forces of chaos overwhelm and destroy them? Age Range: 8 - 12 years (formerly published as the Bifrost Bridge)


The Enchanted Necklace is absolutely inspiring. It is the perfect combination of Norse mythology and a fun fairytale adventure. I can't imagine a better written tale to inspire a child's creativity to flourish, and I adore the idea of being able to now be able to share my love for mythology with my children at a much younger age than previously planned. I really believe the author did a fantastic job at introducing mythological creatures into a realm children already find themselves familiar. The characters are wonderfully written and the plot is thorough. I can't wait to introduce it to my babies.  A spot on my children's bookshelf is specifically reserved for this enchanting tale in the future. 5 stars, because it is PERFECT!