Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cloak of Echoes (A Netherwalker Short Story Book 2) by CK DAWN

Monsters haunt her dreams, but humans are her worst nightmare...

Just as Emma Kincaid came into some disturbing empathic powers, she lost her mother in a car crash. She is also pretty certain she's being followed, maybe even hunted. But, is it the shadowy creatures that haunt her nightmares or the mysterious guy, shrouded in darkness, who just enrolled at Jefferson High?
Cloak of Echoes is my favorite book by CK Dawn thus far. It was well written and I could easily relate to the characters.  I'm a stickler for first love so that had me hook, line, and sinker. I can't wait to read more from The Netherwalker Series.  It's an amazing addition to the YA Fantasy genre!

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The Scribbler Guardian: Arks of Octava by Lucian Bane

Jeremiah Poe isn’t just any character in the Realm of Fiction.; he is The Muse Rider, written with special powers. Able to tap into the minds of other Scribblers, Poe can change the outcome of people's lives on Octava. 

But when Poe learns that ancient codes are being broken in his realm and that his Scribbler may be in danger, he reverses the 8-fold way and goes to Earth to find him. 

But when he arrives, he's astonished to learn that his Scribbler knows nothing of his actual existence, or his entire fictional world, Octava. To further complicate his confoundment, he learns that his Scribbler is not a he, but a she. 

As they team up to find what's destroying their realms, Poe's powers on Earth grow stronger. But it's his growing feelings for his Scribbler that become the greatest threat of all. With his character being designed to never fall in love, he can't exist in either realm. And his Scribbler is forced to pen the impossible into his world.

Lucian Bane is a creative mastermind.  The Scribbler Guardian is one of the most unique stories I've ever read. It ensnared  my from the first page. Though the story began with a comical and intriguing atmosphere it unexpectedly morphed into one with a darker tone. I found myself fascinated to no end by the well developed and well written storyline.  The characters are on point and I actually found myself in reader's limbo at the end of the book. I rarely recommend books personally to my friends, but this easily falls into the "must-read" category.  I am very much looking forward to the second installment.  
5 Stars

Monday, April 25, 2016

Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles 2)

Scarlet is filled with an endless array of heart pounding twists. Even the plot twists are plot twists!I love it!

Until the next book, I am officially blissed out. This series is going into my personal top ten favorites. The futuristic tones and the Lunar DNA sets a tone reminiscent of Star Wars. The changing of the character point of views is flawless. Actually, it's the first book I've read with multiple point of views that didn't trigger any ocd anxiety or direct my train of thought from the storyline.  The synopsis stating the book started with a different character and that  it would be multiple point of views was the cause of my hesitation to read it, but I devoured every word and I'm eager for more!

If you read Cinder and enjoyed it there's a great possibility you will love Scarlet just as much, if not more. It has both of them in it so either way it's a win. 

5 Stars 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Synergy by S. Reynolds

I had a few complications at the very beginning of the book. I have a hard time focusing if there is more than two character point if views. That's more of a personal issue than there actually being something wrong with the story. 

After the story started using mainly the primary protagonists of the story it was smooth sailing and a lot of fun to read.

I thoroughly enjoyed the mystery surrounding Synergy's powers. I loved the struggles she faced along the way as the story unfolded. This part of the storyline and of her family's heritage is unique. That's a huge perk for me. It also has an "Originals" vibe to it, which is another perk. 

I'm typically bored with sex scenes anymore, but Reynolds captured the scenes perfectly and I felt just as much as the emotional aspects of a story when two protagonists have a swoon worthy chemistry.  The chemistry between Syn and Kenai made me down right giddy! I rarely find a couple I fall in love with these days so I'm over the moon to have read this book.

The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is my issue with the beginning.  The multiple point of views toward the end were flawless. And the ending shined a light on several mysteries from those point of views. It's just that it made it hard for me to get into it. When I did find myself emersed in the story I loved it.