Monday, April 25, 2016

Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles 2)

Scarlet is filled with an endless array of heart pounding twists. Even the plot twists are plot twists!I love it!

Until the next book, I am officially blissed out. This series is going into my personal top ten favorites. The futuristic tones and the Lunar DNA sets a tone reminiscent of Star Wars. The changing of the character point of views is flawless. Actually, it's the first book I've read with multiple point of views that didn't trigger any ocd anxiety or direct my train of thought from the storyline.  The synopsis stating the book started with a different character and that  it would be multiple point of views was the cause of my hesitation to read it, but I devoured every word and I'm eager for more!

If you read Cinder and enjoyed it there's a great possibility you will love Scarlet just as much, if not more. It has both of them in it so either way it's a win. 

5 Stars 

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