Friday, October 9, 2015

Hood's Obsession (Kingdom Series #9)

Erualis' time is running out and now Rumpelstiltskin says there are only two who can save him... 

Lilith Wolf, the daughter of the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood has a problem, she's an unmated female in heat. She has to get away from the males of her village unless she wants to find herself involuntarily hand fasted to the first one to tame her wolf. So when Giles Damien comes to her calling due the pact she'd signed with Rumpelstiltskin years ago, she doesn't really think twice about the fact that she'll be journeying to Fyre Mountain. Even though that means she'll be crossing paths with an angry water dragon, a pub full of rowdy Merry Men, and rock dwarves with a taste for flesh... For an alpha female that's an adventure. No problem. Find the Chalice of Hope, come back home, and life will return back to normal again. 

But she hadn't counted on an honorable Giles Damien to intrigue not only her female sensibilities, but her wolf too. He's a warrior, but he's sweet, he's patient, and he's altogether different from the aggressive, rough males of her village. Problem is Giles is a demone, and everyone knows they don't mingle outside of their species. But now her sights are set on him and she's going to make it her mission to prove to the stubborn headed demone that sometimes love can come from the most unexpected of circumstances...


I loved it so much I read it twice!!! Marie Hall creates the perfect fairy tale adventures for adults. In Hood's Obsession, much to my delight, she introduced a novel that is perfectly balanced between a steamy shifter romance and a swoon worthy fairy tale spin off. I've seen a lot of recycled ideas in many novels, but Hall includes a special flare to each of her novels branding them unique. Her novels are always fun to read, highly entertaining, and I was thrilled to be introduced to new mystical creatures. 

Lillith, is the daughter of Red, aka the heartsong, and the Big Bad Wolf. She's an alpha female who has beared the burden of cruel ridicule having come from a family of mixed heritage. At a young age she made a deal with the evil broker, Rumpelstiltskin, to ensure a future free from this particular prejudice. 

Giles is a demone and Rumple's right hand man. He is sent on a mission impossible complete without Lillith. The palpable attraction between the two could have devastating consequences for them both, but death itself may not be enough reason to keep up a charade of disinterest.

One of the elements making this such a fantastic story is that the characters never sway from the essence created of them. It makes the read much more enjoyable and entertaining as the story progresses. Lillith is very much the wild and obstinate Alpha wolf throughout the entirety of the tale. She tends make brash decisions and is truly prideful. Giles is the wise, capable warrior with just enough patience to handle her antics and offer compassion to her. His mind and heart have never before strayed beyond his duties, but his time with Lillith, an equal, changes everything. I love how their dual nature's complement one another. One scene in particular, the night of her bloom, had me falling hard for Giles. 

I loved the magical adventure and fell in love with these endearing characters. Even among Marie Hall's other phenomenal fairy tales, Hood's Obsession is a gem. I'm quite picky when buying paperbacks, but this is a must have for my bookshelf. I cannot wait to see what happens next in the Kingdom Series! 5 Stars! 

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