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Author: Charlie Daye

Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance

Adult Content: 18+

Rated: 5 Stars

April 23, 2013
My name is Sicily Chase. All I wanted was one last, fun filled girls's weekend in Vegas before summer break was over. I wanted to hang out by the pool, do some shopping, hit the clubs, meet a hot guy - you know let loose. Well, I did all that and then some but little did I know that my one night stand would turn into so much more not to mention introduce me into a supernatural world I never knew existed.


Keep your teenager's far from this book. No...keep going...even further.  As for yourself, if you typically shy away from graphic, adult content you should steer clear as well. If, however, you might be curious...just the tiniest bit... you won't be disappointed. You know those sinful fantasies you keep secret, but know deep down that every female has the same one? Author Charlie Day just wrote it out in vivid detail and sold that ____! (I don't curse, you fill in the blank.) Ah, yes, that reminds me, there is quite a bit of cursing as well. In case this is also offensive to you.

Reading through Breeder's gave my mind a much needed break from reading. Yes, I said that and meant it. The prose and dialogue are easy and laid back. It felt more like having those conversation's with your girlfriend's that have you cackling as the men in your lives roll their eyes. I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere.

This is story may be a far cry from the typical action-packed adventure's I tread through daily, but it is not without it's mysteries. The writer delicately places hints of the paranormal throughout the story to make it obvious, but to not draw any attention away from our protagonist's romance. There are twists here and there to keep the question's interesting. It is interesting enough without them, truth be told.

I loved the characters and loved to hate Ripon. As a mother, it was easy to relate to the need to rip his head off. Auzi, on the other hand, I adored! He is perfect. He is sweet, thoughtful, affectionate, tends to each and every one of Sicily's desire's. Yes, ALL of them. I'd like to order two, please? Actually, one would be more than adequate, haha.

Let us not forget Auzi's vivacious comrades! Without a doubt, there would be a void to fill without their constant shenanigan's and devout loyalty. I love my guy friend's and these fella's help complete the story.

 My normal tendency to keep books of erotic details at bay has been banished. I have no choice but to read Breeder's 2 now.

~I received this novel in exchange for an honest review. Thanks Charlie! And I hold you personally responsible for corrupting me. Just thought you should know ;).

Purchase for $3.99

My name is Charlie Daye. You may not realize this but Charlie Daye is not my real name. It's a pen name that was created using my nickname. If I could legally change my name to Charlie, I would but my mother would have a heart attack. *Grins* Sometimes I question what my parents were thinking when they named me because when you translate my birth name to English it means scarf. Yes, that is correct... I was named after an article of clothing.

When I was a little girl I always dreamed of being a world champion kickboxing super model but alas that was not meant to be. So, I settled for writing stories about gorgeous women who know how to kick some serious ass. The guys are pretty hot too though.

My childhood was quite entertaining especially with an imagination like mine which intensified after I found my first book by Richie Tankersely Cusick. I never had an imaginary friend but I have come across a ghost or two in my time that have scared the crap out of me and I swear I saw a flying saucer in Vegas!

My sexy Italian husband is a chef by trade and makes the most amazing chocolate lava cakes for dessert - they are just sinfully delicious but I still refuse to eat asparagus. It's just nasty! We have an American Bulldog named TinkerBell who is a giant sized baby that hogs up the entire bed.

Now that you've read this brief synopsis of my life I hope you aren't feeling blue. Think happy thoughts knowing that my New Year's Eve was probably more boring than yours seeing as how I did absolutely nothing! But never the less, I'm glad you came and hope you'll stay for a while!


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