Monday, July 28, 2014

Recognized Expert Status: Exponential Marketing


Add a tool to your marketing that can leverage your efforts to exponential heights. This book introduces Recognized Expert Status, and the benefits it can bring you. 

Inside you’ll learn about: 

* Expert Proof Materials and why you need them 
* Why you need an effective public relations plan 
* The 5 main RecEx Principles 
* The 7 action items for kickstarting your RecEx Status 
* And more!

I have to admit I was skeptical to read and review this particular book. My blog's focus is on amazing books I have read, which mainly fall under the paranormal/fictional genre. My focus is on an audience of authors and avid readers. Within the first three pages I knew without a doubt this book was perfect for me to review. The prose is persuasive and straightforward. It is written gracefully. The target audience can be anyone. It can be a few friends I have who are in the infant stages of their businesses. It could be for Independent Authors who aspire to make writing a full-time career. It can be for bloggers, bakers, computer-techs; people who want to move up in their careers and in their lives. The inspiring tactics the author, Scott Gardner, presents are feasible and resourceful. Infuse these techniques with ambition and a person stands a fighting chance of prospering. Learn the techniques to be the first person someone thinks of pertaining to a particular industry or niche. Discover useful tools for success and how to take action. You can buy this book for a cheap price, but the information within it is of great value. I recommend this enjoyable read to anyone with a conquest. 

RATING: 5 Stars


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