Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ehriad (#1.5 Otherworld)


      The Otherworld series left high expecations for the Ehriad Novella. I'm thrilled to say Ehriad exceeds expectations. Though Faelorhen had already felt complete within itself, this novella ventured further into the realm of the Otherworld, and into Cade's beautiful vulnerablities.

      The exterior of the male protagonist may define Ehriad, but his interior screams gallant warrior. Through this story the mysteries behind his cryptic behavior are revealed and a compassionate, self-sacraficing man lies beneath the surface. No matter how pyhysically strong the warrior, the strongest muscle in the body will always be the heart. Cade is all heart. His weaknesses are most endearing and he will always make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of love.
     Ehriad's flawless collaboration with Faelorehn creates an atmosphere that is both awe inspiring and intoxicating. Through this author's imagination we are able to bind these emotional experiences to ourselves and claim a piece of that heart as our own. Every word of this story has a heart beat. I am truly grateful to the author for giving the breath of life to a world I can venture time and time again. Every time I read a new book in this series I am left sinfully obessessing for more.

Ehriad was the last nail in my coffin claiming me as a forever fan of the Otherworld.

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