Monday, November 17, 2014

Avenging Innocence by Samantha Ketteman

Book Description

December 11, 2013
In the aftermath of a devastating judgment, a mother tries to understand how justice could have failed her daughter so completely. Nightmares plague Jemma about the horrors her daughter experienced, slowly driving her to seek her own vengeance. There is nothing more beautiful or dangerous than a mother’s love for her child, and Jemma will stop at nothing to avenge her daughter’s lost innocence.


It is said there is a fine line between love and hate. When that particular love runs soul deep, the hatred begat evil of lethal proportions.

Avenging Innocence is a modern day horror story unveiling the 
conspiratorial desires created by the monsters of the hush-hush 
realities of the nightmares they unleash in the lives of others. 

"Wow" was the first to leave my shocked mouth as I reached the end of this short story. I've done horror my entire life, but never have I felt the surreal thrill of it! The details are insane and absolutely perfect! The author's play-by-play descriptions are appropriate in every single context. The  of the prose is bliss in the world of the picky reader. I am an aghast and satisfied emotional wreck.

This book is by far the most emotional ride of experienced. The pain and overwhelming sadness is transferred to amazement and shock before I even realize it happens. It's an unforeseen adrenaline rush.

 After I read it, I took my own twisted pleasure in reminiscing and evaluating the awe I experienced the first time watching movies such as "Saw" and "Hannibal." There are similar situations in content matter in this book. Be warned! 

I am in love with this author and I hope to read a full length, horror novel written by her sometime in the future. I haven't read horror in a very long time. I've not read anything before this, aside from the books written by the King of horror, to illicit any desire.

5 Stars

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