Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Jinni's Wish (Kingdom Series #4)

A long, long time ago there lived a man. A Jinni, who had one wish. To know love. But the woman he thought he knew betrayed him and the love he thought they shared. Tortured for his crimes, he was cast out of Kingdom, stripped of all his powers, left to langour in pain and solitude, until eventually he becomes nothing but a ghost...

Paz Lopez is an artist with a dream. To buy a ridiculously large penthouse in the swankiest section of Chicago. But there's just one hitch, she has no man to share her dream with. A fateful visit to a carnival and Madam Pandora's tent sends Paz on a mission to find the love of her life before it's too late.

But the Madam forgot to tell Paz one very important detail... to meet him, Paz will have to die first.

The different tales of the characters in the Kingdom series offer something for every ready to be able to relate to on a more personal level. All of the character's are enjoyable and fun to read. The prose, per usual, flows smoothly and paints wonderfully aesthetic scenes to appreciate. The emotional atmosphere in this fourth installment harness more of a melancholy tone. It's understandable considering the circumstances surrounding Jinni's past and Paz's predicament. It was nice to finally unravel the mystery surrounding Jinni, but I didn't feel the character's connect with as much ferocity as they have in former novels. It was still very much a pleasure to read and I always enjoy Marie Hall's imaginative creations. 4 Stars!

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