Sunday, March 20, 2016

No Place Like Home (Tallenmere Series #4) -Stand Alone- by Mysti Parker

In Port Valor, it’s dangerous to be different. Especially for sixteen-year-old Mirabelle Hearton, whose psychic abilities could put her entire family in danger. To protect them, she left the city and her childhood sweetheart, Lysander Devlin, behind to live a life of servitude in Leogard’s Temple. Ten years later, someone discovered her mind-bending talents and forced her to send an innocent woman into exile.

As punishment for her crimes, she must return to Port Valor to seek out a dangerous mercenary called The Tyger. He's already threatened the lives of her family and is rumored to have killed countless others for the right price.

Mirabelle’s time is running out. She has two months to bring the Tyger to justice or succumb to an excruciating death from an irreversible curse. As frightening as her mission is, facing Lysander again may be the greatest challenge of her life.

Despite their difficult reunion, she and Lysander must band together to face an evil force that could sap the very souls from everyone they love. Mirabelle must also make a choice—catch The Tyger and redeem her sins, or give into feelings long buried and risk losing everything.
This book may be the fourth book in a series but it's a stand alone novel so it's not necessary to read the other books beforehand. However, as someone who has read the Tallenmere series, I'd recommend it to any adult fantasy lovers.

No Place Like Home is enticing.  It will excite you, speed up your heart rate, then rip it out and piece it back together. It's story line is unique and enthralling. For readers it's an adult romantic fantasy world that one can easily lose reality to, but for a critic it's pure seduction.

 Mysti Parker is extremely talented with her innate ability to imagine and create worlds relinquishing us readers of the continuous cliché titles that now clutter the Indie Author Realm. One of the most important appeals of a book for me personally is that is also well written. As a book blogger I've started refusing to read titles for this reason alone. When I come across a book that eludes to a 5 star rating early in the storyline and doesn't distract me with literary issues, as such is presented in this particular novel, I am over the moon. Writers like Parker are the reason I'm a book junkie.

Anyway, I literally fell in love with this novel from the first page. I wouldn't say the plot twists are enough to shock the senses, though I'm beyond picky about those, but they are pleasantly unpredictable and surprising.

The male protagonist is a swoon worthy, tortured soul who has endured repeatedly having his heart mutilated. The female protagonist happens to be one of the people to do the mutilating. Her reasons, however, are honorable. But her choices to protect those she loves causes her endless misery and her life is used as a bargaining chip to so-called noble characters with nightmarish intentions.

If you love fantasy, adventure, mythical beings, and a complicated love story this should be your next read.

This book is deserving of every single 5 star rating it receives. I really hope there will be more books in the Tallenmere series.


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