Thursday, June 4, 2015

Loving Nicole (Savage Brothers MC #3)

Title: Loving Nicole (Savage Brothers MC #3)

Author: Jordan Marie

Genre: MC Romance

Release Date: June 1, 2015




I'm marrying my soulmate.
We're having a baby. Life is perfect.
But having it all, means you have everything to lose.
In the blink of an eye, all my dreams slip through my fingers like grains of sand.


I have it all.
My woman has my ring on her finger, my baby in her belly and my club is healing.
Then everything goes to hell.
Nicole thinks we're done.
We are not. She's mine.

Love makes the strong weak.
Will loving Nicole bring Dragon to his knees?
When dark secrets from the past surface, will it be the end of the Savage Brothers MC?


Official Loving Nicole Teaser 5


Official Loving Nicole Teaser 2


“You’re…home,” she says and the words are such a drastic change from the argument we are having that I have to stop and replay her words in my head. “Mama?” I ask confused on if we’re still fighting or what the hell just happened. I think the fucking woman just gave me whiplash. “You’re home, Dragon,” she says again, her eyes wide. She’s breathing hard, her hair is fanned around her face and down her shoulders. I don’t think, I’m pretty sure that’s impossible right now, anyway. I grab her by the back of the neck and slam my mouth against hers. Her hands come up pulling on my cut, at the same time I take her mouth. She pushes my cut off my arms and I maneuver so it falls to the fucking ground. I don’t give a damn. My hands reach the silk blouse she’s wearing and I rip it apart. Buttons pop and fly out of the way at the same time her hands lift my shirt up. I yank it over my head. Our lips break apart, only because I have no choice, as the shirt joins my cut on the concrete. “Fuck, Mama….” I hiss as her nails bite into my sides. I feel the soft skin of her stomach slide against mine. “Dragon, I need you.” She moans before our lips come back together. My hand goes to the button of her jeans, undoing it and sliding the zipper down. “I got you Mama, I got you.” I mumble, my lips kissing down her neck, my fingers slide into her underwear and immediately delve into her depths. She’s so fucking wet, my dick is pounding against my jeans—demanding to come out and play. I slip my fingers against her soaked clit torturing it and she bites into my shoulder. Motherfucker, I need inside of her now. I pull back just enough so I can slide her clothes down over her hips. My hand goes to my belt, fumbling around like a fucking teenager, when Nicole pushes against my chest. “No…” she growls. I jerk back. My dick is free, I’m about to slide home and now when she wants to stop? “Damn it, Mama…” “We can’t, not here, Dragon. Anyone can see.” It hits me we’re in the middle of the hospital parking structure. If I listen, I can hear cars and voices. I try to breathe, because I can barely think. Blood is pounding in my system and I can hear it echoing in my ears. I’m at the point I don’t care who is around, I’ll take her on the fucking hood.


Today I had to deal with finding out about the death of a friend. I tried reading Loving Nicole,  but I felt lifeless and disinterested. I read an excerpt that intrigued me to want to push through it, only there was no pushing. Today, I am thankful Jordan Marie decided to become an author.  Without her vision and talent, making it through today didn't seem possible.  Thank you woman.

Jordan Marie weaved an intense story-line in this third installment of the Savage Brothers MC novel. Her writing is so vivid that at times I forget I'm not reading about actual events. Loving Nicole is one of the best Thriller's I've ever read. It is a whirlwind of emotions. The intensity between Dragon and Nicole is insatiable. It's my own little, personal high. The darkness that continues to disrupt their already chaotic lives is infuriating. My heart shattered for both Dani and Nicole. When the story focuses primarily on Dragon and Nicole I couldn't put it down. Their passion is one of craving and utter intoxication . Their story has come to feel like home. I cried three times reading about it. I rarely EVER cry while reading so be prepared if it's a common occurrence for you.
 I've also become far too curious about Crusher now to turn back, as if that were ever a possibility. I'm can't wait to read what Jordan writes next. Find out why everyone is saying Loving Nicole is the best Jordan Marie novel to date! 5 stars!

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