Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Roche Hotel Season 2

Jane Seymour and the quirky staff of The Roche Hotel are back for another hilarious season of this Tudorific romantic comedy. Thanks to Jane’s no-nonsense practicality, the struggling hotel is on its way to becoming a thriving business. Henry the Donut Guy has won her over with his delicious pastries and irresistible charm. Even her ailing mother has found a new love. Life is sweet until a new assistant manager is hired…who just happens to be Jane’s meddling, sleazeball of an ex-husband. How will Jane keep the peace and prevent the hotel from going under without losing her mind?

Roche Hotel season 2 is a romantic, comedy novella. As it is a continuation from season one I'll dive into Jane and Henry's relationship. Jane's playboy ex-husband decides to show back up in her life as a permanent installment. Personally,  I don't see how he be can be anyone's cup of tea. As you can imagine that puts quite a bit of friction between Jane and Henry. There are a lot of silly, "it's one of those days" moments throughout the story to keep it light.  Jane doesn't seem as snarky in season two and I miss that. Hint hint. Bring on the feisty! And though there is tension between the pair, what with all of the chaos they now attempt surviving together, I wouldn't mind reading their thoughts on a deeper, romantic level. Though, I am fairly sure the nature of the novella is to be kept light, hence the comedy. The ending is rather perfect and incredibly sweet. A certain incident or three have me very much looking forward to season three. 4 stars!

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