Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cameron's Rescue: Beast Realm Chronicles Episode 2 by Audra Hart

October 31, 2014 * * * Adult Content * * *
In Episode I Mara, a werebear, is reunited with her mate, Logan the Celitc Shifter after being separated for thirteen long years because of a bitter betrayal. But just when it looks likes Mara and Logan will find true and lasting happiness, an enemy strikes.

In Episode II "Cameron's Rescue" Mara, Logan and members of the newly formed Beast Real must rally together to rescue Cameron. But they soon learn their enemies are more powerful than they ever imagined and the challenges have just begun.
Mara and Logan struggle to overcome trust issues in their relationship as they look towards the future that will see their family grow. Logan, being the consummate Dom and loving Alpha mate that he is helps Mara overcome some of the lasting damage she suffered thirteen years ago at the hands of those who hated her for being different. Mara grows in her confidence, her ability to serve as Guardian of the Realm, and her ability to follow her Alpha's lead without reservation and to share her pain, fears, needs and desires with her beloved mate.
Their son, Cameron, takes a dangerous risk in the name of love. Will it pay off?
BRC 2 is an emotional rollercoaster ride with tons of action in and out of the bedroom! The characters are varied, intriguing and the story moves along quickly!
COME ON AND GET YOUR BEAST ON! with Mara, Logan and the rest of the Beast Realm!
**WARNING** This book contains vague references to past abuse that may be troubling for some to read about.

Episode III is due to be released on November 23, 2014

WARNING: There are references to incidences of abuse that a major character is recovering from. There are also strong elements of a D/s relationship in this deeply profound love story.


Cameron's Rescue held my attention captive from the first sentence. This is exactly the kind of paranormal adventure I have been dying to get my book loving paws on! There is more action in the second installment than the first and it is a paranormal high. Blood Wraiths and magic make their entrance forming a delicious plot. But wait there is more! How would you feel about a wonderful inclusion of the goddess Nyx?! I went from fan girling to flat out giddy in 0.5 seconds!  I may have liked Mara's Homecoming,  but I could easily become obsessive over Cameron's Rescue.  It is also faster paced and on point more than book one. I've seen authors gradually make improvements with their works,  but Audra Hart leaped into greatness.

The conflict Mara has faced in the past with her abuse is painted into the background as she comes into the role of a hard core, but compassionate heroine/leader. The transformation she takes on is exquisite.

Cameron is extremely mature and understanding for his age. He not only plays the role of a genius,  but guided by his loving father and his abilities as an empath, it becomes more evident at what an incredible character he is in the story.

Another 4 Stars for Audra Hart!

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