Monday, April 13, 2015

Mara's Homecoming Beast Realm Chronicles Episode 1 by Audra Hart

Book Description:

* * * WARNING: Sizzling Hot Adult Content! This novella is intended for persons 18+ years of age * * * 

Mara Aphrodisios Montgomery was born a bear. I don’t mean she was born bitchy or anything like that. Literally. She was born a bear cub who can shift into human form. She’s a member of an ancient, but dying race of Greek Immortals called Weres. Mara is a werebear. She met and fell in love with a Celtic Shifter, Logan Montgomery, but there are many among the so-called Immortal races who don’t believe Immortals should mate outside of their own pantheon. Hitler has nothing on some of these guys when it comes to fighting for racial purity. 

Mara’s love affair and subsequent mating to Logan Montgomery opens the door to horrific grief, pain and suffering for Mara. She is brutally victimized and separated from her family for over a decade. But unseen forces are working to reunite the lovers. 

Events beyond their control also push Mara and Logan to the forefront of an ancient struggle that is coming to a head. Soon they are neck deep in the newly formed Beast Realm. The Beast Realm is a loose affiliation of dual natured magical immortals who populate this world and various magical realms. Due to ancient feuds and prejudices the creators of various shifter races have decided to form this new affiliation to offer protection for the offspring of their children who are of mixed heritage. Treachery, intrigue, bloodshed and deceit rule the day as warring factions strive to control the formation of this new realm. 

Will love everlasting ultimately triumph? 

Of course it will. Eventually. You know how much I adore HEA ;-) 
**WARNING** This book contains references to past abuse that may be troubling for some to read about. 
"Cameron's Rescue - Beast Realm Chronicles - Episode II" will come out on October 31, 2014. 

*****18+ MATURE CONTENT*****
      * PTSD Warning: Rape descriptive's are placed throughout the story. If you have any triggers it may be best to avoid this particular series. *

It's not often I dive into a book without first reading the description.  With this particular story I am pleased to have ventured into it without any anticipated ideas of what it might hold. Thanks to that I was surprised by several plot twists I couldn't have predicted from the book's opening scenes. 

Mara's tale of abuse, loss, and betrayal is the driving force behind the first installment.  It's a well-written tale of recovery. The emotional atmosphere is thick with mystery and long over due passion. Both protagonists act out on the vulnerabilities they've been left with and through their bond, love, and the son they share together they are on the road to rejuvenation.  

Mara's Homecoming contains a few grammatical errors that do NOT deter from the story's intrigue. It is a fun read, especially for women who appreciate steamy sex scenes. It is an adult shifter story I think a lot of people will enjoy. I definitely recommend it.  4 Stars!!!

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