Sunday, April 26, 2015

Possession of My Soul: Three Immortal Blades by Kia Carrington-Russell

Karla Gray is an ordinary young woman that is taken from her mundane life into a world of blood lust as she begins to struggle with a unique ability. Karla is a Shielder; an exceptional fighter born with the rare ability to project a Shield for protection. However, Shielders are not the only kind that possesses such a talent. The Shielders battle a war that has been raging for centuries against Starkorfs, who harvest humans and Shielders alike to obtain a near immortality. 
Alongside the charming Lucas and selfless Paul, Karla must unravel the purpose of her curse and battle an unknown presence manipulating her thoughts; a mysterious woman who may be dormant for now, but has every intention of possessing Karla- mind, body, and soul. 
Within this new reality that Karla faces the search for the Three Immortal Blades begins. 


Possession of My Soul is the beginning of a series I believe will be entertaining for the YA audience. I enjoyed the strength the female protagonist gained over the duration of the book which helped my resolve as to whether or not I would like her. My favorite parts of the book are the flash backs. They felt like missing pieces to a puzzle I couldn't wait to finish. 3 Stars!

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