Monday, August 29, 2016

Claw 2 by Lucian Bane

Dante saves Rin from her abusive husband only to face an even greater enemy--her.

But the web of deceit trapping Rin may go a lot deeper than any of them know. He takes her to California to lay low and dig around for dirty details on her abusive ex only to run into his own past in the form of a jealous brunette. The sh*t storm ushers in an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, f**ck for a f**ck fight that he never saw coming.

 For the love of God! Put me out of misery already!
Everything about Rin and Dante's relationship is taken to the next level in Claw 2 and I'm pretty sure I'm dying a slow, agonizing, tortured death because book 3 isn't available yet!!!! If there were ever a time to go scary, axwielding fan girl on someone that would be now.  Okay, so maybe I wouldn't take it that far but for book 3 I wouldn't be beyond breaking some legs and using restraints... speaking of restraints! Okay, so yeah, no spoilers...

If you read the first book ( you really should) and loved it (and you will) then you should know that the second installment puts the first book to shame! How is that even possible?!? So yeah, it's an easy 5 stars

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