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Review Tour: SkinWalker Series by T.G. Ayer

Skin Deep: A New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel (DarkWorld: SkinWalker Book 1)

Abandoned by her mother and raised by her aloof Alpha father, panther shifter Kailin Odel has

finally found a way to feel like she makes a difference. Discovering her unique power to track

Wraith's, Kailin moonlights as a Hunter - ridding the streets of Chicago of these soul-sucking

demons. Her human friends have no idea the supernatural worlds exists alongside theirs. No

idea shifter and demons walk in the shadows. And Kai prefers to keep it that way.

Until she discovers the body of a murdered shifter, and is quickly embroiled in a world of

supernatural drug-dealing and renegade shifters who leave a trail of blood and mayhem

wherever they go.

When Logan Westin, paranormal investigator and super-hot human, begins investigating the

murder Kai refuses to allow her feelings to control her. Humans are off-limits, no matter how

sizzlingly sexy they are. But can Kai keep him at bay? And does she even want to?

In her quest to find the killer Kai inadvertently puts her friends' life in danger and brings her to

the attention of the sadistic shifter killer. Her comfortable life is gone, her friend murdered, and

shifters are disappearing around her. To survive and to save her friends, Kai must allow herself

to trust Logan, to give her scarred heart to someone again.

Warning: Mature reader recommendation- this book contains violence & torture. Fantasy-DarkWorld- SkinWalker-ebook/dp/B00CKGOKY4

Skin Deep is a desirable journey. One does not merely enjoy this book. Instead, each page is turned with fervor and the knowledge that more pleasure will come the further the venture. The characters are intriguing and the desire to learn more of them is adamant. The transition of dialogue between the primary characters is flawless. I highly praise the author for so much diverse research applied to the story. There is not an onslaught of useless information to take up space. The plot is complex, yet simple to follow. The romantic scenes are more felt than read. Then, the reader has to return to them time and time again with the refusal to tame their own hyperactive heart. Everyone has their secrets, and the more the truth is forced to surface the tighter bonds are forged. The heroine, level-headed, yet feisty and ferocious, is the epitome of strength and compassion we all wish to harness for ourselves. She is admirable to say the least. Our hero, hidden behind a mask of heart-wrenching secrets, is desirable to say the very, very least!

The characters are each unique. The story is unique and easily visualized and felt. The plot is thorough and well-grounded. Other than a couple of spelling errors, I believe it qualifies for a best-seller status! Don't miss out on pure and unalderated bliss. This book is every reader's dream!

Lost Soul: A New Adult Urban Fantasy (DarkWorld:SkinWalker Book 2)

The things that go bump in the night are real

With her sister missing and her mother and Anjelo stuck in the Wraith World, Kai must find a

way to save them all. But the Wraith poison has brought her to her knees and only Logan's fire

can help ease her pain.

A sister stuck in the Dead Lands

Uncertain who to rescue first, Kai's decision is made for her when she discovers her sister Greer

is stuck in the Greylands and slowly going insane. Desperate to save her, Kai will go to

incredible lengths to obtain a portal key to the land of the dead - and maybe, she'll go one step

too far.

Who will betray her?

From Death-talkers to demons, trackers to ghosts, Kai must fight against betrayal and evade the

clutches of danger to set her sister free. Can she save Greer from a horrific death - and will she

ever be able to forgive herself if she can't?

Lost Soul left me utterly speechless. The contents vehemently aroused a variety of emotional allures that dominated my time and existence. Author T.G. Ayer has, once again, written a persuasive novel deserving the highest praise.

It seems the prose is slightly deceptive. The sentence structures are so simple that a reader would not expect a plot so meticulously woven.

The characters in the storyline are diverse in regards to many mythological beings belonging to one story. Though, at times, it feels their diverse nature's cause a slight unease, the story doesn't linger on many of the secondary characters long enough for it to cause turbulence.

Kailin's Alpha essence has not swayed in the slightest from the first installment of the SkinWalker series. Only Kailin's new side kick has shown changes in her characteristics, which is surprisingly welcome. There's no uncomfortable transitions to deal with in the prose, making it easier to welcome the introduction of several new characters.

Be prepared for a shocking run in of former character's,  assisting in the fantastic, emotional atmosphere of the novel's ending.

My only concern for this novel is my personal wish for more descriptive romance scenes for Kai and Logan. Other than that, if you loved 'Skin Deep' as much as I, then it should be impossible to keep you from this novel. I'm delighted to reveal that it is just as captivating. 

Last Chance: A New Adult Urban Fantasy (DarkWorld:SkinWalker Book 3)

The things that go bump in the night are real

With the loss of her sister still weighing down both her conscience and her heart, Kailin Odel

must take on the next part of her mission - find her mother and Anjelo and bring them back from


Danger betrayal lurks in the Wraith World

Kailin uses her mother's portal key and enters the Wraith world intent on saving the ones she

loves, but from the moment she arrives her mission is fraught with peril.

Can she save her mother?

Arriving in Wrythiin, Kai steps right into the middle of a Wraith rebellion. And only to find that

though Anjelo is safe, her mother is held captive by a subversive faction of Wraiths once led by

the Wraithlord that Kai had killed.

Demons come in many forms

From Wraiths to Shapeshifters, rebel causes to fraying family ties, to inexplicable new powers,

Kai must fight her darkest demons while entering the blackest pits of Wrythiin to save her


Ayer's eloquent writing style once again ensares the readers minds, entrapping them with simple, yet vivid imagery, emotional atmospheres, and unique scenarios. Her presentation of diversity, ranging from characters to religious belief systems is flawless. As much as I have already praised her talents for creating unique storylines and a well-structured prose, her abilities vastly improve with each novel. I also wish to mention how her characters mannerisms remain the same throughout each novel. That's a conflict I enjoy not having to endure with this particular author.

The opening scene rouses snippets of empathy, tranquility, and loss. Tragic circumstances awakens friction among the characters in Last Chance. The obscurity behind the onslaught of changes everyone in Kai's world must face, compels a vigorous desire for justice and information.  The nagging suspicions are intense to the point of driving one stark - raving mad! (Pointedly: myself)

No matter how serious the plot, it is not without humor, nor is it overwhelming to read. It's as smooth and pleasant as it is intriguing. I feel nothing but admiration for Kai's Alpha strength and level-headed wit. She remains thorough in her tactics and consideration. Though that remains the same, this installment is filled with more well-suited transitions than one could have foreseen. It's fresh and exciting.

Be prepared for new enemies, allies, and ending that shocked me to my core. At the moment, I am still dealing with the effects of this stories revelations. The apprehension I'm experiencing over the details in the next few books has me on edge.

The DarkWorld: SkinWalkers series has everything. Shifters, mafes, demons, and fae. It's a thrilling adventure with just enough romance to satiate the desire. Though, I do need to mention that in this installment, Logan and Kai's Romance reaches an invigorating, boiling point. I desperately need more.

I'm thankful for a new series to read time and again with no loss of satisfaction.  5 stars aren't nearly enough to present the prestine quality of The DarkWorld series.

Blood Promise: A New Adult Urban Fantasy (DarkWorld: SkinWalker Book 4)

The things that go bump in the night are real

Kailin Odel, alpha shapeshifter and demon hunter, made a deal that helped her save her sister's

soul: a Blood Promise.

A blood promise to fulfill.

Now, the High Priestess of the DeathTalkers is calling in her marker, and Kai had better hope

she can hold up her end of the bargain, because either way, it's all about to hit the fan...

A terrible betrayal

Someone close to Kai and her friends is guilty of the worst kind of evil. Will she be strong

enough to deal with them?

A horrible loss

Everything snowballs into a violent end. Will Kai handle the loss she faces and still be able to

carry on?

The SkinWalker series by T.G. Ayer is the best urban fantasy I've ever had the pleasure of reading.  Her storylines flow smoothly and her multilayered characters have me instantly lost in the story.

In this installment, things get rocky for Logan and Kai when the Shifter council attempts to overthrow the Alphas.
And then they have to spend even more time apart whilst investigating the deaths of paranormals who are targeted specifically for being paranormal.  I enjoyed the mystery and action of the story, but would have liked to have seen more interaction between Logan and Kai. For the sake of the storyline I'll suck it up!

I would personally recommend this to all urban fantasy lovers. In a book Era where so many genres tend to overlap,  Ayer's stories are a refreshing reprieve into literary bliss.

Scorched Fury: A New Adult Urban Fantasy (DarkWorld: SkinWalker Book 5)

The things that go bump in the night are real

The Great Ash Trees - supernatural guardian trees of the DarkWorld - are dying, and Kai enlists

the help of MetalSinger; Fae Queen Tara to find those who threaten the stability of all the


Logan's life hangs in the balance

Then, Logan - still in his cryo-induced coma - makes a request of Kai that she cannot refuse.

"Save her." Whether Logan lives or dies, Kai is determined to fulfill her promise to find the girl

from Logan's memories and help him find peace.

A journey to fulfill a promise.

What Kai doesn't expect is to find her in a world on the brink of extinction, a world Kai didn't

even know existed. But there is more at stake than a missing girl. Can she keep her promises or

will it be an impossible ask?

A destiny not her own

Filled with grief, and blossoming passion, redemption, and growing hope, Scorched Fury

reveals secrets long buried and brings together a band of friends who are destined to one day

save the DarkWorld.

I'm just going to go ahead and throw this out there: I loved it! In this installment of the SkinWalker series by T.G.Ayer, I was nearly twenty five percent into the book before I felt emotionally invested in it this time. It took a bit to get the storyline off of the ground. Once the pace of the  adventure and action picked up I couldn't put it down. There's fantasy, mythological characters, and mysteries to be solved. I love the fantasy realms Ayer creates and the atmosophere of the story takes on a CSI meets the X-men vibe. Throw in a two decade long conspiracy and some dragons and you have hours of entertainment.  I'm desperate to find out more about Logan, Storm, and what is to come of the prophecy. This is one of my favorite reads by Ayer as of late and I'd totally recommend it to urban fantasy lovers.

Author Bio:

Tee is the author of over 25 Contemporary Fantasy, Thriller & Paranormal novels

Tee's Valkyrie Series is a Norse Mythology based Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy

Her Hand of Kali Series is a diverse YA Contemporary Fantasy using Indian Mythology as a


Tee's DarkWorld contains two current series:

* The SkinWalker Series, a NA Shifter & Magic Urban Fantasy with a black panther, reluctant

alpha tracker who will keep you on your toes.

* The SoulTracker Series, a NA Contemporary Fantasy with a teleporting, astral-projecting kick-

ass main character.

Upcoming in the world are:

* The MetalSinger (Tara), * The DeathTalker (Nerina) & * The Stolen Queen of Dracys

Tee also has an Angels & Demons Urban Fantasy series, the Chronicles of the Irin, and if you

like strong female leads with wings, and a dreadlocked albino demon side-kick, Evie's story is

for you.

Tee also writes Romantic Suspense and Psychological Horror as Toni Vallan. Click on Thrillers

on Tee's website to find out more.

And because Tee hardly ever sleeps and loves making stuff up, look out for more books,

coming soon.

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