Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lorhenin - A Novel of the Otherworld (The Otherworld Trilogy Book 6)

Advisory: Read the Otherworld trilogy, by Author Jenna Elizabeth Johnson, before embarking on this insatiable adventure.

Author: Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Adult Content: PG

Rated: 5 Stars

I threw an arm over my eyes and just breathed. Oddly enough, it wasn't my near-death experience that had me so bothered. It was the confrontation with the blond guy and the odd conversation we'd had. He knew about the Otherworld. His words had proved as much. But was I reading too much into it? Was I secretly hoping he was Faelorehn? And if so, what good was it now? I was human. I knew that for a fact. Robyn Dunbarre has a plan. It may not be the perfect plan, but it is a good one nonetheless. Two years out of high school, and at the start of her sophomore year in college, Robyn is working her way toward a business degree with the hopes of someday managing the Green Tea Leaf, a local cafe in the bustling town of San Luis Obispo. What Robyn hadn't planned on, however, was getting caught up in the business of the Otherworld. When a young man from Eile saves her from the unwanted attention of a local demonic gang, Robyn learns that there are some things in life that she has absolutely no control over. Devlin O'Brolaigh is everything Robyn doesn't need in her life right now. Tall, incredibly good-looking, and enigmatic, she is certain his presence will bring nothing but trouble. When the Otherworld continues to encroach upon her and the lives of her friends, however, Robyn soon realizes that she'll have to ignore her sensible side and give in to her rebellious nature once again. Unless she can learn to trust Devlin, and work with him, she may become the next victim of the Morrigan's continuing legacy. But in order to preserve her life, Robyn may very well have to risk her heart."

A new Otherworld adventure has begun. Robyn's dreams of the Otherworld become nightmares as faelah, a deadly cult, and a Faelorehn, hell-bent on becoming invincible, lands in her own backyard. Jumping at shadows, the strong-willed Robyn forms an alliance with an absurdly, handsome Devlin, a Lorehnin of the Otherworld. 

Robyn's hardcore persona relents as empathy becomes her resolve. She helps out people she barely knows, befriends those who irritate her, and sacrifices her safety for a stranger who might possibly soften her heart. Alone in the world, after her best friends go to college and one to the Otherworld,  Robyn's need for a real connection with someone penetrates her soul. She is truly an endearing character. She is headstrong, feisty, and kind. Anyone would be lucky to call her a friend.

As I relate to the characters, ride the emotional roller coaster with Robyn, and fall in love with Devlin, I am enthralled. Reading it once is bliss. Reading it twice is enjoyable as I am now aware of the puzzle pieces leading to a surprise ending. 

Well-developed plot. Smooth prose. Wonderful, descriptive visuals. Relatable and lovable characters. Realistic situations. Mad props to the imagination come to life. A must-read adventure with sinister villains, deceit, and abundance of excitement!

"If you don't feel it, they won't feel it." 
You WILL feel it ;). 


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