Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Lost One (End of Days, Book #2)

Author: Meg Collet

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Adult Content: 18+

Rated: 5 Stars  


They say some things must be broken before they can be fixed. But when Michaela hoped to cast doubt on the Aethere, she never thought things would fall apart like they did. Now the Aethere have turned their attention to the End of Days, and they won't rest until they obtain the tools of Earth's final destruction: the Seven Seals.

The world is falling apart at the seams, and Michaela finds herself clutching the threads. She alone understands what will happen if the Aethere ever get the seals, and it's the one thing she will fight to the death to prevent if she has to.

Even amidst the devastation on Earth, Michaela struggles to restore her faith in Gabriel. Together, they'll need to decide if their love is strong enough to erase the line she had fought so hard to draw between holy and fallen.

Michaela said she wanted a war, but when the End is looming, what will she fight for?

***End Of Days Series***
The Hunted One
The Lost One 

The Only One 


The Lost one is, without a doubt, the  most unique apocalyptic story ever written. The plot absolutely explodes with creativity. A reader is forced to explore concepts and allegiances that can only be compared to the first realization that a mirror can only reflect opposition. It's astounding. 

Shaky alliances are forged between Fallen Angels, Nephilim, Arch Angels, Loki, and many more in a war for the continued existence of all creations, and for what is righteous. Without having ever been betrayed, Michaela, would have never felt acceptance for the "abominations" she once condemned. Compassion is found for even the unlikely characters.

Michaela's vision surrounding the power of the seven seals was the foresight she needed to remain steadfast as everyone around her met their demise. Holy Angels suffering the most severe punishments, the plaques unleashed, and hybrids allowed to kill off the human race all in her name. Her greatest supporter, Clark, is still her best friend and most faithful ally as guilt further penetrates her heart. His unrelenting faith and dry humor are her comfort when nothing else is certain. His personality is humorous as ever.

Her relationship with Gabriel is even more mesmerizing. The choice he made out of love for her could mean the end of them. While Michaela's and Gabriel's relationship is shaky, an intriguing friendship forms between he and Clark when he chooses to dwell in hell to learn more of his own magic. Gabriel's point of view truly has my utmost respect and love for him. This book is full of promising surprises that do not fail to delight.

I thoroughly enjoyed the insightful flash backs throughout the story. It provided a stronger connection to certain characters on a more personal level. They were more than just informative. They were raw with emotion and further amplified the over-all quality of the plot.

The dialogues and scenery are nothing short of perfect. The introduction of new characters and twists is refreshing. There is no monotony to be found here. I can't praise 'The Lost One' enough. The second installment in this series is even better than the first, and the first is amazing.

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