Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Immortal Essence Omnibus Collection

Author: RaShelle Workman

Genre: Sci-Fi/Romance

Adult Content: PG

Rated: 4 Stars


"The Immortal Essence Omnibus Collection is the definitive young adult science fiction romance." ~ Heartsong Reviews

Praise for the Immortal Essence series... 
"It's in Michael's and Venus' darkest hours that you can't put the book down." by Brenda Drake
"The twists and turns left me breathless and the writing is beautiful." by Taryn Taylor.

Aligned ~ Discover how the gods of Kelari came to be.
Exiled ~ Venus has one week to help a human find her true love or she'll die.
Beguiled ~ Venus must complete three trials to save those she loves.
Dovetailed ~ There's a war going on and only one way to stop it.
Zaren's Travels ~ The guardian discovers his purpose.

More praise for the Immortal Essence series... 
"What a ride!" by Taffy Lovell.
"I love a book where the details fit together like pieces in a puzzle..." by Rachel Morgan.

  • Earth's Guardian
"It's Arrow with an alien twist." 
Zaren is an immortal guardian from the planet Kelari. After losing the woman he loves twice, Zaren takes off in a transport for a hundred years of cybersleep. But twenty-one years into his rest a human child awakens him. He doesn't know how it happened, but he isn't one to let an innocent suffer.
Landing on Earth, he rescues her from a deviant alien hiding as a human.


     The adventures in the Immortal Essence is quite inventive. There are common areas as in most books: cults, power-hungry villains, and destiny. The beginning felt frustrating and after much consideration, it was simply because it was written for the young adult audience. The atmosphere of the plot didn't feel beguiling enough at first. It was, however, intriguing. Eventually, the day was gone, and I found myself caught up in an imaginative journey. The books turned out to be quite enjoyable. 

The tragedies the characters endured were heartfelt. The emotions of the characters are real. The creativity poured  into the many worlds and species is admirable. There were just a few grammatical errors that don't take much away from the storyline. I was thoroughly impressed at how smoothly the dialogues had progressed throughout the books. Better than in many books I've read. My rating lacks one star short of five because I felt that in the last book the protagonists didn't receive enough attention to connect on a personal level. When they did interact, however, is was pure bliss and longing. I look forward to reading more works by this author and highly recommend Immortal Essence for the young adult audience.


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