Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Man's Promise: A Short Story Collection-Ashton's Promise by Frantiska Oliver


A Man's Promise: Short Story Collection (Ashtons' Promise) by Frantiska Oliver

I love the idea of how this collection came to be. The stories within this collection are each unique to the other with only one common factor: the phrase, "A Man's Promise."

*Ashton's Promise
The first short story is by one if my favorite author's if all time, Frantiska Oliver. She is the author to satiate my Paranormal lusts. Keep in mind,  she is a favorite for a reason. She is an artist who paints realms that leave me in a haze by the time I realize I've finished her story. She is a master of weaving emotional atmospheres.  At this point, I need to warn you that there are graphic abuse scenes throughout her story.  If you have PTSD triggers you may want to star clear. 

I will be straightforward in saying Ashton's Promise is a five star short story. Half an hour has passed since I finished it and I am still reeling from the effects.

There's something about the stories Frantiska tells that leaves me aching. The end always leaves me feeling hollow because I don't want to leave the realms she has created. Her words contain a rare hypnotic quality. 

A talent of such a vast magnitude should not got unnoticed.  My heart longs for the day Frantiska Oliver becomes a household name.

I wish I could say more. I'm simply in a state of awe.

*Each story has something amazing to offer. I wanted to focus on each of the author's in this anthology,  but lack the time. Each offered something amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

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