Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Chaos (Havoc Series Book 2) by Xavier Neal


Clint "Grim" Walker has always been clear about two things in his life: his love of his Marine career and his love for Haven Davenport.

His self-missions were clear: be the best Marine possible. Protect Haven at all costs.

But when the two objectives collide they leave his once stable existence in chaos.

I've been aching to read Chaos the second Havoc came to its close.

Chaos is most certainly a suitable title as those are the feelings it provokes throughout the entirety of the book. At times I tried to reason through my distorted emotions that I had not heard or understood Haven's side during any of the messes their relationship finds itself. It's easy to relate to both protagonists.  It's just so intense and I know it hits so close to home for the typical areas relationship's tend to wander.  I wanted to throw something and I was felt pleasantly subdued at Clint's numbness and decisions.

Another 5 stars (until I read the next book hahaha).

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