Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lost in Lies (Never Say Neverland part 2) by Xavier Neal

Includes Bonus Content Get Lost (Book One)

Con Artists. Thieves. Hustlers. Not exactly the lifestyle high school senior and loner, Peyton Darling, saw falling into her
lap when the infamous, fedora wearing Just Ryan asked her for a small favor. She quickly finds herself tangled up in a
mysterious world with The Lost Boys, family secrets that come with the name Darling, and the unfamiliar territory of
falling in love.

If you thought you knew the fairytale, think again.

Lost In Lies:

When Peyton left her entire world behind to treasure hunt with the infamous gang known as The Lost Boys, she expected to just be used in cases of emergency. After all, what does she really know about conning and stealing? Aside from pulling a fast one over on her parents and the sexy fedora wearing Justin Ryan, who introduced her to the art of theft, she really is clueless about most things in that category. Seducing a teenage billionaire because he just so happens to have the next clue on this mission she willingly let herself get sucked into? Don't think that's enough pressure for a seventeen year old? Try adding on the fact she's being hunted by her parents, some mythical society she knows nothing about, as well as a rival gang from Neverland, the place they were supposed to be headed. And just when the complications are wound tighter than Belle's mini skirts, she's stuck making that choice every teenager hates making. Family? Or friends? 

Peyton is not your average loner nor is Justin your average, charming con man. Their paths cross for a reason, but Peyton is capable of far more than Peter Pan could have anticipated. 

I am in awe and absolutely thrilled that Get Lost is included with the book. Otherwise I would have gone stark - raving mad! The plot is well-developed to the point of utter perfection. I could see a movie in my mind as I raced through the words. The characters dominated my attention. I fell in love with Justin immediately. The same can be said with the female protagonist, Peyton. To-date, the "Never Say Neverland" series is the most unique and thrilling spin off the beloved "Peter Pan" tale. 

The thought put into the deceptions and the cons is a level of genius.  Absolutely nothing is as it seems and each turn of contains a stunning revelation!  The emotional atmosphere wrapped around the characters, especially Justin and Peyton,  thrust me into a unbreakable trance. 

Peter Pan,  Belle, and the rest of the gang have dominating personalities of their own and the secrets to unfold are never ending.  There is romance, action, and  comedy; witty and loveable characters,  and paranormal twists to create the perfect world to escape to. 

I have fallen in love with Never Say Neverland!  Xavier Neal's dynamic writing styles have vastly impacted my views of her as a wonderful writer.

5 stars for the perfect gift.  

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