Friday, February 13, 2015

The Wings of Lomay (The Solus Series #4) by Devri Walls

Book Description:
In defense of the small remaining group of rebels, Kiora has to cross lines she never thought she would, making her redefine not only herself, but what’s right and wrong. Outnumbered and out of time, Kiora turns to the only two groups that could help; the Shifters and the Dragons. But will either of them come to their aid?

As they prepare for a war against the evil army, Kiora must lead the rebels and find the strength within herself to defeat Jasmine.

Kiora’s the Solace. She’s their only hope.


The transitions from from the first book to the last are vast. The Solus series began  as a "feel-good" paranormal romance and ended as an all out dystopian fantasy. I compared Wings of Arian to seeing "The Never Ending Story " for the first time. I would have to compare Wings of Lomay to "The Lord of the Rings". The plot is one of depth and strategy.  The story-line is bittersweet and heavily laced with an intoxicating emotional allure. In the end they finally stand-off with the Shadow,  the relentless face of unadulterated evil.

Life-altering circumstances may have forced Kiora into choosing between Emane and Alcander,  but her heart will forever beat strongly for both. No matter the choice made, devastation would loom either way. I am, however,  happy for Drustran-- shifter and prominent character throughout all of the books-- as he finds love. I would very much be interested in reading a series based on this character. 

 As I've finally read Book four, I can now say I understand Lomay's elusive demeanor throughout the series.  He is truly a noble and humbling character. I'd like to note that the magical characters I mentioned in prior reviews barely scratch the surface. There is some thing in this series for all paranormal lovers.
 How a magical war involving an impressive dynamic of magical characters is written can be detrimental to the series, especially when it is the end of the story.  The strategic and visual effects inspire a range of emotions leaving one to feel drained. Each scene is written with vivid detail. The clarity of the battle scenes, the techniques...all of it left me in awe.

I imagine there to no limitations to Devri Walls imagination and for that I am truly envious and forever grateful that she shares it with us. I can't see any room for there to be complaints of her skills as a writer.

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