Sunday, May 31, 2015

Devastate by Xavier Neal

When Linguistics Specialist Jody "Lordy" Lord is forced back to his southern origins his mission is clear: Protect fellow team member, behavioral analyst, Jazz Wright,from the traitor they know is hunting them. While hiding out Lordy is forced to face the past he is running from and the future he is running towards. Unexpectedly, secrets are exposed and the truth is twisted from those he trusts. Will he be able to survive the destruction or die in the devastation?


Devastate is the final installment in the Havoc series by Xavier Neal. To better understand the characters mentioned in Devastate I would recommend reading the previous novels, however, it can also be read as a stand alone. 

This story is of love, passion, and acceptance in the face of adversity. Lordy, a southern, special-ops marine,  who is sexy as hell has somehow remained a really kind hearted man after being treated poorly his entire life by the people who should love him the most. After four years he has to face them again as well as the awful reason he has never been able to be in a  committed relationship.  

Lordy is my favorite of all the Marines Xavier Neal has written.  He's intelligent, sweet, funny, and turns my insides to mush. I don't believe anything could be sexier than the vulnerable side of a marine. This story actually has a light hearted atmosphere to it. It was so much fun to read. The relationship between he and Jazz is my favorite as well. It's filled with so much tension and reluctance that the intensity put me on the edge of exploding . 

I despised, absolutely loathed his ex-girlfriend.  And I'm pretty sure we all know people who are just as awful as she. The events that transpire around her are amusing, personal victories.  I wallowed in her well- deserved humiliation.  

There are a couple of intriguing plot twists in the story-line and admittedly the end isn't something I predicted. Actually, it was ten times better than imagined.  

Hands down the best Havoc novel yet. 5 stars!

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