Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Steele Wolf by Chanda Hahn

Book Description:

After finally settling into her new life at the Citadel, Thalia is reunited with her father, who is disturbed at the changes within her. Risking banishment, Thalia must work to prove to her clan and herself that she is still capable of leading them. The problem is, her memories haven’t returned, and she cannot shake the feeling that she doesn’t belong.

Thalia discovers that betrayal runs deep within her clan, just as she sets out to join Joss and Kael in doing the one thing she fears most: track the Septori to save Joss’ kidnapped sister. Along the way, she must confront her own fears on a journey of self-discovery that will take her deep into the stronghold of Denai; as they travel to the ancient floating city of Skyfell.


The hysteria Chanda Hahn's name creates is well deserved as she has actualized not one, but two notorious fantasy series. The Iron Butterfly series harnesses the kind hypnotic effect that does not entice, but instead creates the die hard fantasy lover. It is  epitome of the magical and enthralling. 

Steele Wolf excites the obsessive bookie in me. The adventures and action it offers is phenomenal. The story-line had me hanging on to every last word and the hangover it created is a miserable one. I've encountered few books to bring out my obsessive qualities,  but I could not stop thinking about these characters who now feel so vital to me. I love Thalia, Joss, and Kael. Just as important is how endearing all of the secondary characters are as well. 

By now you've read and realized that the scenery has shifted and Thalia is on her way to discovering her mysterious past.  With these answers come enemies who shift the levels of intensity. 

Prepare yourselves for awesome plot twists, romantic tension, and the desire to put reality on hold for a while. Once you start reading this series there are no other options. 

(On a side note, I'm rooting for Kael!)

5++++ Stars

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