Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Deaf: Book 2 Senses Series by Xavier Neal

Author: Xavier Neal
Genre: Adult Romance
Adult Content: 18+
Rated: 5 drooling stars

October 1, 2014 While the pleas of Logan Kellar's best friends typically fall on deaf ears, there's one voice he can't ignore so easily. His own. And when Maxx, his beautiful best friend, says something that shakes his existence, he finds himself suddenly desperate to be heard.

CAUTION: Contains Adult Content, Language, and Themes! 18+ ONLY
Senses Series #2  

After reading Blind, the first book in the Senses series, I merely believed I suffered a bad book hang-over.  The second installment has me convinced these books are soul-sucker fantasies. Deaf absolutely dominated me: mind, body, and soul. In reference to Logan, I wish I could say, "PUN INTENDED"! HaHa!

By now I am familiar with the execution of the prose/dialogue. At times I felt personal tension. For the most part, I hung onto every word. 

Be prepared for Maxx and Logan's relationship to enter the make or break stage. The intensity of the emotional and sexual atmosphere is kicked up a notch...or ten! Xavier kept me guessing throughout the book, and totally blind-sided my expectations. The build-up is a reflection of the author's ability as a wonderful storyteller. 

Xavie Neal is brilliant! The novel's end is so raw, it is impossible to not purchase the next book in the series. I was left shattered, hopeful, and obsessed. November cannot come soon enough! 

***Book #3 Numb to be released November 3, 2014***

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