Saturday, October 25, 2014

Numb: Senses series book #3 by Xavier Neal

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Adult Content: 18+
Rated: 5 Stars

Just when Logan Kellar was finally ready to make some changes in his life, his entire world was flipped upside down. Now the pain he is used to burying is fighting back. Refusing to let him slip into his old ways, refusing to let him hide from his mistakes, and refusing to let him become numb.

♡I received this book in exchange for an honest review♡

This your warning: I couldn't care less about sounding professional. I finished reading Numb ten minutes ago and I am still flying high. These books are being released a month apart and even that length of time in between is agonizing. I think I'll write my own novel, "The Wait", a horror story.

Let us pick up where we left off from Deaf, the second installment in the Senses series. Always the one to over-analyze, the predicament Maxx faces in the beginning was anticipated. My curiosity as to how she would handle the situation was beyond satiated.  I was rolling with the intensity of the emotions. The situation may have been unpleasant, but the dialogue was extraordinarily, entertaining.  Every...single. this book is ENTERTAINING!

Speaking retrospectively on Xavier's prose/dialogue, I've not only adjusted quickly, but I crave it.

I assumed Numb would be just as phenomenal as the first books in the Senses series. I am blown away that Xavier Neal found it possible to write something even better! If the series were combined into one novel, I would label numb the climatic part of the story.

Logan's attempts at changing are mind-boggling! He does nothing half-way! He goes above and beyond his own security barrier to protect not only Maxx, but someone in dire need. I'm awe-stricken, love - stricken, and now determined to get these paperbacks on my bookshelf! You can't put a price on a series like this.

I'm rendered a helpless Logan/Maxx addict. Until the next release, I will be reading the Blind, Deaf, and Numb relentlessly to stay sane.



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