Friday, October 31, 2014

Havoc by Xavier Neal

Publication Date: October 10, 2014

When Clint "Grim" Walker, started Operation: Save Haven Davenport, the beaten, bruised girl who fell into his life, he had no idea it would turn him into an unbalanced, enraged, insecure idiot. 
The mission objectives seemed simple. Make her feel safe in his home. Fail. Protect her from the neighborhood playboy. Fail. Shelter her from the ex girlfriend. Fail. Not fall in love with her. Epic fail. And while Clint could learn to live with those failures, there's one he can't. And that's the objective that matters most. More than his side duties of making amends with his father, more than accepting motherly love from his meddling neighbor, and more than attempting to relate to his brother's in arms off the field. That objective is life or death.


***I received this book in exchange for an honest review**

First, may I share a little experience with you?

I was eagerly nearing the end of Havoc when a glance at the clock revealed it was time to get my son off the school bus. I did so impatiently, then returned to my reading. Forty - five minutes later, my brother-in-law enters the house to ask if  I knew I had left  my car running. *FACE-PALM* Needless to say, aside from Havoc being perfect, I won't forget my first time reading it. On with the review...

Havoc is a book every romance lover MUST ADD to their library. I will have this in paperback and I do not order books if they aren't of prestine quality in every aspect. 

Clint, a no-nonsense marine, focuses on his duties, and he is the best all he pursues. His determination is his escape from a shattered past. Everything changes when Haven, a violently abused runaway ends up on his lawn. His stone-cold heart melts at a rapid pace, wreaking havoc on his existence.  

Author Xavier Neal always includes a close-knit family vibe, creating an overwhelming and comforting atmosphere.  It is a longing fulfilled through her written word; an opportunity to experience it. These words embed themselves into the very core of my heart. Neal's ability to create strong, emotional atmospheres ensures a reader will read any book she gets published.  

Clint's honorable intentions, overwhelming emotions, and vulnerability is soul consuming. Haven is a strong-willed girl, young woman who has just begun to learn about the world around her. Her free-spirited character and compassionate resolve is all that is needed to fall in love. 

So much passion is infused in Havoc that I am left helplessly intoxicated and hopelessly devoted to this new series. 
The ending swayed intense, devastating emotions. I am so intrigued that the wait for the second installment is excruciating.   

Xavier Neal is a debut author whose name you won't soon forget. That's guaranteed.  

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