Thursday, August 20, 2015

Blood & Gold (Hand of Kali #2)

As Maya perfects her Fire skills she finds there is more to being the Hand of Kali than just wielding Fire.
A surprising summons to Mount Kailas takes Maya on a journey to meet the Lord of the Hindu Pantheon – Lord Shiva himself. This time the God’s request may not be so easy to fulfill.
Maya and her friends must flee the demons and the ruthless killers on their trail to retrieve the golden bow of Lord Rama.
Can Maya get the bow back in time, and also save a certain demon king in the process?

Blood & Gold opens in what seems to be an entirely different direction in the Hand of Kali series. It is actually just expanding it's reach for the other characters in Maya's life to be able to contribute to the story. Toward the middle of the book I couldn't put it down. I love the adventures T.G. Ayer writes and how they can be simple, but well thought out. My favorite parts were, of course, Maya and Nick's alone time together. There is a particular scene I have in mind while writing this actually. I very much look forward to watching their relationship evolve. I also enjoyed getting to watch Maya's powers evolve and the techniques she used while harnessing those skills. Another 5 Star YA Paranormal Romance / Adventure. Looking forward to book three, Time and Fate, to release this year. 

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