Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Satyr from the Shadows (The Cursed Satyroi Series #3)

Long ago, a nymph fell in love with a mere mortal destined to become a legendary hero. Until the gods saw fit to tear them apart and tamper with fate.

Everyone has heard the story of Daphne and Apollo, of her transformation into a laurel tree to escape his obsession. If only it were so simple. Held prisoner for thousands of years, Daphne is close to death until a last minute rescuer smuggles her out of Olympus and to Melancton, the satyr she loves.

Melancton has always preferred to be on his own, keeping to the shadows and maintaining a stoic appearance. Only Daphne can be the light to his darkness, and now that she's returned, the fear of losing her again shakes him. With grave danger lurking on the horizon, Melancton and the satyrs of The Aegean Inn prepare for battle, but the odds are stacked against them.

Meanwhile, Apollo enlists the aid of Dionysus in his determination to reclaim Daphne and punish those responsible for her disappearance. Is it possible to survive the fury of the gods?

Satyre in the Shadows has a darker atmosphere than the former novels. The events surrounding Daphne and Melancton are tragic and are written to have a strong emotional pull. The thought provoking situations seem realistic and ideal for their current dilemma. Throughout the story the atmosphere varies between tense to amusing. I found peace in Melancton finally having companionship and family. It was sometimes distracting readung through more than two point of views, but I loved the characters and the history. There is a nice little plot twist in the end I think readers will enjoy. 

I love stories weaved off of mythology; however, it was not until I read the first book in this series that Greek mythology appealed to me personally . I adore stories written by Rebekah Lewis and will continue to follow this series closely. 

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