Monday, January 11, 2016

Entrapped (Cursed Magic Series #3) by Casey Odell

Claire finally has a clue to her mother’s whereabouts, and she won’t let anything stand in her way this time. Not even the Syndicate, the fact that it could be a trap to lure her out of hiding, or the seemingly insurmountable mission she is currently tasked with: to find the other Star Children while she still can. 

The mark on her arm is slowly consuming her, body and mind, and it’s a race against time to complete her mission, locate her mother, and hopefully, find a way to stop her magic-- or at least slow its potentially devastating progression. 

And to top it all off, a certain silver-haired elf refuses to leave her alone.


My feelings on the third installment in the Cursed Magic Series are somewhat conflicted. I believe it's because of the darker, dystopic tone of the story. I also missed seeing more passion and flirtatious teasing between Farren and Claire. Over all I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hated Claire recklessness and selfishness not only in regards to her life, but Farren's as well. It sort of felt like a mass explosion took place and chaos reigned in this book. I think that could lead up to some epic events in the book to come. 5 Stars!

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