Saturday, January 9, 2016

Her One Wish (Kingdom Series #10)

Nixie is a genie with a problem. She's just killed her Master. Kind of a big no-no for her kind, but really, what did the ruling council of genie's expect her to do? It's not like she was given a handbook on how to be a "proper genie". She was never even supposed to wind up in Kingdom. She'd been born on Earth, Chicago specifically. Her father also happens to be Tristan Black, which yeah, kind of an issue. Now they've thrown the book at her, locking her away in the most wild, most hidden part of Kingdom and only the bravest could ever have a hope of saving her from a prison of perpetual darkness. 

Robin Hood is a man on a mission. The tales have gotten this "hero" all wrong, he may not be the altruistic knight of yore, in fact, he might even be attempting a coup of his realm. 

But as we all know, in Kingdom, things are rarely as they seem...


Her One Wish gives a new meaning to "a love that transcends time." The story revolves around the daughter of Jinni and Pax and the notorious Robin Hood.

The beginning of Her One Wish is a tad on the dark side, giving birth to some sinister events that might give off the illusion that the story would continue with the same dark atmosphere.  Was I ever wrong!  This story made me question things on a philosophical level...going straight back to book 1 in the Kingdom series. If there story had never been written, would any of the couples we love in the Kingdom have ever been mated? So much that would Pax and Jinni have ever met for their daughter to have even been born? 

The plot of the story explodes with creativity and is it ever addicting! I couldn't have put this book down for the life of me. Marie Hall is by far one of the most amazing paranormal romance writers I've come across. I'll never get enough of these stories!

5 Stars!

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