Friday, January 22, 2016

The Mercy Trilogy by Lucian Bane

It started as a project to continue the charitable works of her deceased father. But when Mercy finds the man she believes her dad intended to help, it turns into a game of pain, lust, and danger. 

The second Sade meets Mercy the do-gooder, his desires get busy plotting to condition her for his sadomasochistic appetites. 

Everything goes according to his plans until he finds himself tied up and at the mercy of this woman who is nothing like the victim he'd mistaken her for. 
She danced innocently into my Dark embrace --and blinded me with her relentless Light. ~Sade 
There are scenes of abuse via memory and in current story situations. The author took as much care as he could, while maintaining authenticity in these scenes.


In a story I need to see a connection between the primary characters that is filled with flaws, obstacles, and conflict.  I want a journey leading to revelations of a character's depth and events that test the connection between two protagonists. There needs to be friction, denial, and sometimes havoc wreaking hatred.

The Mercy Trilogy exceeded these expectations and filled my world with unadulterated bliss. These words have the power to shock, intrigue, and absolutely shred a person's emotions.
The relationship between Sade and Mercy is utterly chaotic and creates the most intense reading experience. I loved every aspect to the point of obsession. I literally read the all three books twice in a week.  Lucian Bane just landed a spot on my list of top 10 favorite Indie Authors. I cannot wait to venture into his other stories.

5 Stars!!!!!

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